Liberal Studies: Literacy Studies

Liberal Studies: Literacy Studies

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If you have a strong interest in promoting literacy, you will want to pair your Elementary or Early Childhood Education with a dual major through the Liberal Studies with a Specialization in Literacy Studies. This specialization combines courses from the Reading and Writing Arts programs with Liberal Studies in English, Mathematics, Science, Geography and Social Studies. Through a heavy focus on English, Writing Arts and Reading, you will gain understanding of the reading and interpretive processes as well as writing processes across genres. You will be prepared to impact the literacy of your young students through a course that helps you (1) understand how literacy develops in children, (2) assess progress and relate instruction to previous experience (3) use variety of methods to teach literacy, (4) provide a range of materials and texts for children to read and (5) tailor instruction to individual students.

The Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Education Department offers two tracks for the Liberal Studies with a Specialization in Literacy Studies at the bachelor's degree level. One is open to Elementary Education majors and another to Early Childhood Education majors. Students must meet University admission requirements and declare the Liberal Studies with a Specialization in Literacy Studies track.

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Writing With Technologies
Supervised Clinical Practice In Reading
Phonics And Spelling Instruction
Using Children'S Literature In The Reading/Writing Classroom