Theatre - Acting

Theatre - Acting

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Rowan’s extraordinary Acting program includes rigorous training in movement, voice, script analysis, psychological acting, directing and literature.  Rowan’s program has the most advanced movement training in the country with a focus on Viewpoints with master teacher, Professor Lane Savadove.  This movement work is done in conjunction with cutting-edge vocal work including Linklater, Fitzmaurice and Roy Hart techniques.  Rowan is a unique program that fuses voice and physical work with psychological acting based in original Stanislavsky teachings.

Rowan’s Acting program is also exceptional in our integrated study of dance and music.  No matter what your background, you will focus heavily on dance and singing in order to become a multi-disciplinary, diverse, independent artist.  Our Acting program graduates become hard-working, resourceful and collaborative artists and are currently working all over the country in a wide array of positions, especially in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago and LA.

Like all of our theatre programs, the Acting program is highly competitive and acceptance is by audition only.

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Acting I (Majors Only)
Voice For The Stage
Speech And Dialects
Directing I
Dance Improvisation I