Theatre - Design Tech

Theatre - Design Tech

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Rowan’s remarkable Design/Tech Theater concentration will provide you with unprecedented hands-on experience in all areas of theater production.  The program provides the unparalleled personal mentorship of full-time faculty and unlimited opportunities for  practical work on stage and in the professional world.

Students will eventually specialize in 1-2 theatre design or technical areas but all students will intensively study set, light, costume and sound design along with stage management, technical theater, carpentry, and electrics.  You will be challenged to work in as many areas as possible and to combine your class experience with significant stage work on both our student-produced company and on our mainstage.  You even have the opportunity to design on our mainstage while still a student!

Like all of our theater programs the Acting program is highly competitive and acceptance is by portfolio review only.

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Drafting, CAD and Model Making for the Theatre
Stage Lighting Design And Practice
Costume Design
Technical Supervision I
Scene Design Studio