Faculty Spotlight


Faculty Spotlight

Professionally speaking, associate professor of management and entrepreneurship James Roh, Ph.D., considers teaching his first love and his top priority.

“We all need to do business very well. We all need to build a sound and healthy business culture and capability. To achieve that goal, my responsibility is to be useful in the classroom so that students can grow as great businesspeople in the future,” Roh says.

To do just that, Roh creates opportunities within his classroom for project-based learning to give students real-life opportunities to examine business problems and create solutions. Through a SAP University alliance, Roh embeds cutting-edge business analytic technology into his classes. “I have had past students come back and tell me that they were so happy to be exposed to this new predictive analytics technology—that it was so incredibly useful to them,” Roh says.

In addition, Roh guides his students through the process of researching a business issue and developing improved processes using methods taught in class. “I am really proud of the fact that the students come up with innovative ideas,” Roh says. A small number of his students routinely present at academic conferences and publish in academic journals. A few have even earned Six Sigma certification as undergraduate students, under his guidance.

Roh’s own research focuses on supply chain responsiveness. When he first began his doctoral studies in the mid-2000s, supply chain management was a new concept. “Until then, reducing costs was the main priority,” Roh says. Today’s customers are concerned about more than just cost. They expect the companies whose products they buy to be committed to customer responsiveness, responsible in their hiring and management of employees and to be environmentally friendly and use sustainable materials.

His research has been published in journals such as Business Horizons, Information & Management, International Journal of Production Research, International Journal of Production Economics, Production Planning & Control and the Journal of Supply Chain Management.

But, most rewarding to Roh is that “the business knowledge I teach my students can take them throughout their career, no matter where they are and what direction they go in," he says.