Student Life Overview

Rowan College of Business students outside new building

Student Life Overview

Class Experience

The Rohrer College of Business offers students a real-world education.

  • Mentorship programs provide our students with guidance in academic topics and career issues while connecting them with both alumni networks and entrepreneurial programs.
  • Advanced students who participate in the supervised internship program find opportunities for career-related experience in a variety of organizational settings.
  • The Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship contributes to entrepreneurial thinking and activity through the tutelage by and experiences of those who have created, managed, consulted or conducted research related to entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Project-based learning provides students in-depth experience and networking opportunities by bringing the world into the classroom and, in some cases, the classroom into the real world. Recent students have gained confidence and created connections while working with organizations such as:
    • Borough of Clayton
    • Banks Industrial Group
    • Dayna's Party Rentals & Catering
    • Jimmy John's
    • Protocall Group
    • Rowan Innovation Venture Fund
    • Rowan Virtual Reality Center
  • Students in the Portfolio Management undergraduate class gain hands-on experience in fully functioning Trading Room where they manage a portfolio funded by the William G. Rohrer Charitable Foundation.

Beyond the Classroom

Student organizations complement classroom learning in a social way. Student organizations  include:

Rohrer Center for Professional Development

The Rohrer Center for Professional Development (RCPD) provides Rowan University business students with the tools necessary to navigate the job and internship search process and to become career ready. The career education received through RCPD allows students to graduate with the ability to find meaningful employment in their chosen field.

Development opportunities include:

4 Year Plan: Career Development Modules
Career Readiness Workshops and Programming
RCPD Daily Drop-In Hours
Employer Engagement