Student Spotlight


Student Spotlight

Passionate about numbers, junior accounting major Tameesha Harris says that she “fell in love” with the field when an older cousin, who is an accountant, showed her what she does on a day-to-day basis. “I knew that this is exactly what I wanted to do,” she says.

Harris doesn’t exactly know where her professional life will take her, but this much she does know: she is open to all good opportunities.

The Newark, New Jersey, native may end up in California. The summer after her sophomore year she completed a finance internship at the San Francisco-area headquarters of the KIPP Foundation, which owns a network of public charter schools. Both Harris’s middle school and high school were KIPP charter schools, and she secured the internship based on her solid reputation of being a good student and a hard worker.

Then again, Harris may stay close to home. “I think I would miss my family,” she says. The idea of working her way up the ladder to CFO at a local nonprofit appeals to her as she says she is very interested in making a difference in her community. At home she volunteers for her church, organizing coat drives for those less fortunate. At school, she works for Rowan After Hours, which provides weekend and after hours opportunities for students to become more involved on campus. Harris is most proud of her involvement in the RAH initiative Back to the Boro, in which groups of students assist mostly long-time, senior Glassboro residents with basic household tasks such as yard cleanup and window washing.

After she graduates with her bachelor’s in accounting, Harris will take graduate classes toward an MBA and will prepare to sit for the CPA exam. To become licensed as a CPA in the state of New Jersey students must complete 150 credits in addition to passing the CPA exam. Many choose to continue their undergraduate studies to earn the 150 credits and then sit for the exam. Some, like Harris, choose to graduate with a bachelor’s once the standard 120 credits are earned, then earn the remaining 30 credits as graduate credits and sit for the exam.

Challenging, yes. But, Harris is up for it. “When I first visited Rowan, my tour guide had multiple majors and minors and was just so happy and enthusiastic. I thought, ‘If she can be this challenged at Rowan and be happy, then I can do this.’”