Alumni Spotlight


Alumni Spotlight

As executive producer for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Radio/TV/Film alumnus Ed Glavin credits his Rowan University (then Glassboro State College) professors for building the foundation for his career. “They challenged me. They taught coursework that they loved, and so I loved it,” Glavin says. “It was hard work, but it really inspired me.”

Eager to graduate in four years and just six credits shy, Glavin took a friend’s recommendation to apply for an internship at KYW-TV. Glavin secured the last available internship and earned his six credits while he worked in Philadelphia for the summer.

After graduation, Glavin worked at KYW for three years. With this experience, he then moved on to positions with The Morton Downey Jr. Show, The Donahue Show, Jenny Jones and The Queen Latifah Show.

Today Glavin, who has been with The Ellen DeGeneres Show since it started in 2003, oversees the production of the daily television show. He has earned 15 daytime Emmy Awards, three Genesis Awards and one GLAAD Media Award for his work on this show.

“I have found a career that I love in television. I love deadlines. I love being creative under pressure. I love the feeling of success—I love critical success, I love rating success," Glavin says. "If you want to achieve the feeling of success, you should find something in life that you love enough to put the world on hold for. That’s an incredible feeling. Don’t stop looking until you find it.”


Ed Glavin '85, Executive Producer of the Ellen DeGeneres Show and Distinguished Alumnus 2015, plays the Pie Face game yesterday on her show. Happy Friday!

Posted by Rowan University Alumni Association on Friday, January 29, 2016