Faculty Spotlight


Faculty Spotlight

From a young age, Amanda S. Almon, M.F.A., C.M.I, considered herself a hybrid in the niche discipline of art and science. The assistant professor of biomedical art and visualization says, “I was never able to choose art OR medicine/science. I am fascinated by the analytical, the objective and processes, as well as the creative and conceptual content of art and media communication.”

Rowan recruited Almon to design and launch the bachelor’s of fine arts program in Biomedical Art & Visualization, a first in the state of New Jersey. The program prepares students to apply their knowledge of art, medicine science and technology to create educational illustrations, animations and interactive media.

Almon has created numerous published works for both educational and commercial purposes, for natural science and medical institutions. Her animations and illustrations have been seen on The Discovery Health Channel, National Geographic, the Oprah Winfrey Show and more. Numerous leading publishers have printed her medical and scientific illustrations.

“Research in this area excites me because there is a never-ending stream of complex content to visualize - medicine and scientific research keeps evolving, growing and changing,” Almon says. “There is always a demand for visual explanation of highly complex informational data and systems, which makes this field a growing focus for students who are science- and art-minded.”

Almon’s current research focuses on pharmaceutical animation (specifically the impact of biologic medicines), interactive doctor/patient education tablet applications, illustrations in scientific research journals and continuing medical education media development.