Study Abroad Application


Study Abroad Application

Follow these steps to create a Rowan Study Abroad Application:

1. Click HERE to begin. Then follow steps 2-7.

2. Under 'Program Name' indicate which partner organization you have chosen. (i.e. ISA, AIFS etc.) You may also enter in the term, city and country to narrow down the results of your search.

3. Locate your program of choice. You will see the ‘Apply Now.’ Click that to begin.

4. You will be asked if you have already created credentials: answer no. Here you will use your Rowan email to create your account. You will then receive an automated email to change your password and begin entering in your information. Click Save.

5. You have now created your profile. Please add a photo of your face by clicking “edit profile.” This will help our office assist you and get to know you better.

6. On your Applicant Home Page you will see the a link on the left side that indicates your program. Click that link to view several items you'll need to complete by the application deadline.  
        NOTE: You will need to print the Signature Verification Form at the top of your page. Bring this form, along with a copy of your driver's license or passport to Laura Kahler. Once these are received you will be able to complete Section 1 of the application.

7. Once all of your items are checked off,  you will receive notification of your acceptance and directions to complete for the next steps in your admissions process.

Now that you've created your application...

Now that you have successfully created your Rowan Study Abroad Application you can begin to work on the tasks you need to complete by the deadline. The application is broken up into 5 sections. The following instructions will guide you through the entire process.
The "Signature Verification Form" will need to be printed out, signed and brought to Laura Kahler along with a copy of your Driver's License or Passport. This is a legal document that states you are of age to sign legal documents.
SECTION 1:      
Once I receive the "Signature Verification Form" you will be able to read and electronically sign the forms in this section. Do not print these out!
1. Confirmed Program Dates: Indicate the start and end date of your program. 
2. Credit Approval Form: This must be printed out and brought to your Academic Advisor for his/her approval of your courses.
3. ESSAY: You can answer one of the questions listed in the application. (250 words)
SECTION 3:    
1. Application Fee: This fee is non-refundable. You must bring a check or money order (made payable to Rowan University) to the Education Abroad Office. Upon receipt, the Education Abroad Advisor will mark this item as received on your application and you will get notice of this.
2. Budget Form: You will need to schedule an appointment with the Education Abroad Advisor to complete your Budget Form. At this appointment you will be shown an estimate of expenses for your program abroad.
3. Credit/GPA Approval: You are required to complete at least 30 credits and have at least a 2.5 GPA in order to study abroad. The Advisor for Education Abroad will mark this as completed once we review your credits and GPA.
4. Disciplinary Clearance: The Education Abroad Advisor will ensure that you have no current disciplinary   violations and that you are cleared to study abroad. This item will be checked off by the Education Abroad Advisor.
5. Partner Organization Application:
 **For ISA applicants, this will be checked off by the Education Abroad Advisor upon receipt of your Supplemental Page that you receive in an email from ISA after you create your ISA account and pay the $95 deposit.
 **For AIFS applicants, once you apply to AIFS, I will get a notification. As long as you have began your Rowan application, I will check this off of your list.
 **All other programs will need to show me a confirmation that you have applied.
Recommendations: Please choose the "Request Electronic Recommendation" Link, then fill in the first name, last name and email address of the person you want to recommend you and the system will automatically send that person the recommendation. Once the person completes the recommendation you will automatically see it checked off on your application.
You will need to do this 2 times, as you are required to obtain 2 recommendations. Recommendations should be from a Rowan professional (advisor, professor, coach, employer)