Educational Focus Locally & Nationally

The College of Education is committed to serving the university and the community through its programs, partnerships and outreach. By continuing to work with state and local programs, we are able to prepare our future educators by teaching diversity, tolerance, and social awareness.

Aim High Science and Technology Academy

Aim High Programs are comprehensive developmental summer programs designed to assist high school students who are first generation and/or low SES students in pursuing STEM majors. Both programs address three core elements: Personal/Social, Career, and Academic development as it relates to Career and College Readiness.

Center for Access, Success, and Equity (CASE)

The CASE Center was created to address three overarching topics in education today: access, success, and equity for students in P-20 institutions. The overall goal is to “turn research into practice” and have a direct impact on the educational outcomes of students by completing extensive research, offering professional services, and engaging in policy creation and reform.

Professional Development Schools

A PDS is a partnership between colleges of schools of education and P-12 schools. A PDS increases professional preparation of teacher candidates, faculty development, best practices, and enhanced student learning.

Rowan Urban Teacher Academy

The Rowan Urban Teacher Academy serves as an excellent long-term recruitment strategy to increase the pool of candidates interested in becoming urban teachers. Benefits of the Rowan University Urban Teacher Academy include such components as meeting with Rowan faculty, educational leaders, and teachers to discuss urban education issues, classroom observations, and field experiences.