Student Life Overview


Student Life Overview

Class Experience

The most outstanding feature of the engineering curriculum at Rowan University is its emphasis on multidisciplinary interactions through courses and, especially, the Engineering Clinics. The Clinics are an eight-semester sequence of courses taken by all engineering students. The freshman clinic is focused on engineering measurements and reverse engineering, while sophomore clinic focuses on engineering design. During junior and senior year, students work in small teams on open-ended projects under the supervision of one or more professors.

Social Engagement

Our student clubs include:

Pumpkin Chunkin'

Student Support

To meet the transitional needs of first year students, freshmen are assigned to both a professional advisor and discipline-specific faculty. The freshmen program advisor is a freshman's first resource for general engineering and University inquiries and can provide institutional information related to the following:

  • course sequence
  • college and University policies
  • registration issues
  • information related to campus resources

From sophomore to senior year, students rely on the expertise of faculty to provide guidance on discipline-specific coursework that relates to career goals. Faculty provide information on career planning, preparation for graduate study, employment, internships and work experience in the field.