Student Spotlight


Student Spotlight

Around campus senior Alexandra Guido, 21, is jokingly referred to as “the most interesting girl in the world,” a tongue-in-cheek reference to the popular TV advertisements and Internet memes featuring The Most Interesting Man in the World.

The Lake Hopatcong, Morris County, native is an aspiring professional race car driver. She races up to 150 mph, winning hundreds of trophies and national and divisional championships. She started racing at just 11 years old.

Studying mechanical engineering complements her professional aspirations, Guido shares. Understanding the practical application of engineering concepts and theories gives her a competitive edge when behind the wheel. “If there’s a problem with the car, I can diagnose it because I can feel it and hear it,” she says. “I’m the driver who knows what’s in the motor.”

Guido is grateful for the opportunity to study mechanical engineering at Rowan. As she shared on the #RowanPROUD website, “I explained to [Rowan] my history in mechanics due to drag racing, and that I wasn't going to be their average student. They saw my motivation and potential dedication, and allowed me into the mechanical engineering program. I was so excited that a great engineering college had allowed me to start my dream.”

Rowan scholarships and an on-campus job as an Admissions Ambassador allow Guido to stay focused on her studies during the school year, without the added demands of off-campus employment. Her spring and summer months are spent racing competitively.

As a woman in not one, but two male-dominated fields, Guido’s tough-as-nails mentality is an asset. After one race a male competitor refused to shake Guido’s hand because of her gender. She used the experience to fuel herself to victory against him in the next race.

“The most interesting girl in the world,” indeed.