Outside the Classroom


Outside the Classroom

The English Language Program offers an intensive supportive environment so students can begin to understand the English language, and the culture and expectations of the university and the United States.

Please refer to our Student Resources page for Student Handbooks and information regarding the IELP expectations and policies.  International students will also find more information about the Visa process

At Rowan IELP, we do our best to mix intensive academics with a fun and friendly environment  Because this program is intensive, you will get to know the staff and your fellow students very well.  We do our best to make this intensive experience not just a positive one, but a memorable one.  The following services and activities are available to all IELP students. 

Orientation - to help students become acclimated to the IELP and the policies/procedures they need to know to succeed in the program and at the university

Tutoring - for students who need additional help 

Counseling/Advising - The international student advisor is available to assist students with VISA/immigration status issues, obtaining a driver's license and bank account, applying to the university, and other issues that may arise for students.

Cultural trips - the IELP takes students to local and regional sites so students can begin to expand their experiences beyond the classroom.  Students may visit Philadelphia, New Jersey Beaches, New York City, Washington, DC, New Hope, Amish Country.  There are also smaller trips coordinated by teachers throughout the semester. 

Supportive learning environment - the IELP is designed as a cohort model.  This means that students in each level take classes together.  This model helps students to develop strong relationships with each other and with their teachers.  Many of our students refer to the IELP as their 'second family', where friendships are made that last a lifetime.