The Verification Process


The Verification Process

What is Verification?

The verification process is used to confirm that the data you reported on your FAFSA is accurate and is a requirement of the federal and state financial aid programs. Approximately 30 percent of financial aid applicants are selected for verification. Those who have been selected are informed of their selection via the Student Aid Report (SAR). Rowan University’s Office of Financial Aid will also notify the selected individuals of their selection along with any documents they are required to submit.

Federal Verification

Any student who has been selected for federal verification must submit all required documents to the Rowan University Office of Financial Aid. Federal and/ or state financial aid funds (including student loans) will not be certified or disbursed to a student that has been selected for verification until the process has been completed. Accepted and/or current students may view and submit required information through their Financial Aid/ Self Service account.

For further information on Verification visit the Federal Student Aid website at

How to Submit Verification Requirements through your Self Service Account

If there is outstanding information needed to complete your Verification process for Financial Aid, please log into your Self Service account to see what you need to submit to the Financial Aid Office.

  1. Visit and log into your account
  2. Click on the Financial Aid tab
  3. Click on the Eligibility link then select award year 1617 from the drop down box
  4. You will see information that you need to submit under the Student Requirements tab

You will need to click on the links to complete the Verification Worksheet and SNAP forms online. *Please use an updated browser such as Google Chrome.

We will need your and your parents’ 2015 Tax Return Transcripts. *Please note that a Tax Return Transcript is different than an actual tax return/ 1040 form.

In order to submit your and your parents’ 2015 Tax Return Transcripts, you will need to do one of the options below:

If you and/or your parent did not file/ were not required to file taxes for the 2015 year, we will need a copy of your W2 forms from 2015. If you and/or your parent did not work in 2015, please contact our office.

NJ State Verification

If you have been selected for state verification, you will need to submit any required information to the state of NJ Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA) to ensure that you and your school are notified of any state aid you may be eligible for.

In order to submit state verification information, please visit the HESAA website:

HESAA Contact Information:

Phone: 800-792-8670 or 609-584-4480

Mailing Address: PO Box 545, Trenton, NJ 08625-0545

General Email Address:

Additional Forms

In some cases you may be required to submit additional information to complete your application for financial aid. You may download and print the form(s) below as needed to complete your financial aid application. 

Business & Farm Value

Rental Property Value

2017-2018 Monthly Resource & Expenditure Statement

2017-2018 Unusual Enrollment History