Create Your Own Scholarship


Create Your Own Scholarship

Donor established scholarships allow exceptional students to achieve a Rowan education regardless of financial need. Endowed scholarship funds are especially important in maintaining a foundation of aid available to students. Donors can provide highly qualified students with the chance to attend Rowan, while giving incentives and financial security to continuing students, allowing them to focus their best efforts on their academic pursuits. 

Annual Scholarships: The donor provides funding and determines the level at which they wish to fund the scholarship(s).

Endowed Scholarships: Donors may establish an endowed scholarship with a minimum gift of $25,000. Currently, funds are invested at a 12-quarter market value average of 4.5%. (As an example, $25,000 would initially provide $1,125 for a scholarship.) Endowed scholarships are funded in perpetuity, and as the fund grows, the annual amount to fund the award will grow as well. 

To learn more about creating your own scholarship, please contact:

Donna Donnelly
Scholarship Coordinator/Foundation Assistant