Student Spotlight


Student Spotlight

Happy to be able to fulfill her dream of pursuing an education in healthcare so close to home, Glassboro native Esmanur Ozdemir followed her older brother’s footsteps to Rowan University.

She began to feel truly “at home” once she started taking classes in her major, Health & Exercise Science: Health Promotion & Wellness Management. “My professors are super helpful,” Ozdemir says, “and I really like the small classes here.”

Ozdemir appreciates that the courses within her major are broad enough for her to pursue any variety of careers, including occupational therapist, physical therapist, physician’s assistant, gym manager, fitness director or teacher.

Now a junior, Ozdemir spent the summer after her sophomore year shadowing at a physical therapist’s office—an opportunity she learned about through an email from a beloved professor. “I learned a lot about concussions at the physical therapist’s office,” she says. “Not a lot of physical therapists are trained in this area, so I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about how to care for and provide therapy for those with concussions.” Ozdemir explains that she learned that strengthening eye muscles is crucial for helping those with concussions regain proper eye movements and focus.

As vice president of the Rowan chapter of the National Wellness Institute, Ozdemir networks with alumni who come back to campus to speak to the club, and she volunteers for local causes. “I am especially proud that I organized a Wounded Warrior 5k here on campus,” she says.

Growing up watching her mother help others as a home health aide, Ozdemir always knew that she wanted to work in healthcare. Now, she is excited to work toward her dreams. Still open to exploring a few career paths within her major, Ozdemir is leaning toward becoming a physician’s assistant. ​