Dean's Message


Dean's Message

We are one of the largest academic Colleges within Rowan University and, as the home of the majority of general education courses, we make contact with just about every student who graduates with a Rowan degree. We have rededicated ourselves to a mission with a new tagline, “Empower, Transform, Engage: Creating Connections in Teaching, Research and Service to Advance Society.”  We offer our students a form of education that encourages curiosity to discover and be inventive, insights, professional skills, and the road to career flexibility.

CHSS graduates possess the critical thinking, research and communication knowledge and competencies that ensure they can navigate career and world changes they are likely to encounter in their future - including positions that don’t yet exist today. They have completed writing assignments, projects and internships that allow them to view difficult topics from multiple perspectives and futuristic outlooks. They have had a complete learning experience that qualifies them to look through the lenses of other individuals, other cultures, and other time periods. They have practiced collaboration and team work. They also exemplify ideals common to all our disciplines—placing ethics, compassion, empathy and justice above material concerns, and demanding more of themselves in order to make this world a better place for all. Our students learn to understand and envision creative responses to what it means to be human. Employers value these know-hows and attributes, and by mid-career, many of our alumni are in leadership positions.

As you consider a major, minor, concentration, or certificate within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, please keep in mind the value of what we offer. Our quality programs and our dedicated faculty and staff will prepare you to make not just a living, but a life—a life of intellectual curiosity, service and joy.

- Dean Nawal Ammar, Ph.D.