disaster preparedness major stands in front of Rowan EMS where he volunteers


The Hollybush Institute aims to preserve and build on the legacy of the 1967 Glassboro Summit by promoting scholarly research, educational activities, and community outreach related to the history and practice of international dialogue to foster global security, peace, and the rule of law. Imbued with the “Spirit of Glassboro,” as President Lyndon Johnson called it, the Institute stands as a monument to cooperative, intercultural discussion.

The Liberal Arts and Sciences Institute for Research and Community Service strives to promote a campus culture among faculty and students that revolves around civic responsibility and community engagement. The Institute is a coordinating office for projects involving service to the region, state and nation.

The Museum of Anthropology at Rowan promotes discovery, learning and an appreciation of human origins and cultures. Open to the public, faculty and students, the museum advances the understanding of cultural diversity through workshops, lectures, research and exhibits.

The mission of the Rowan Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies is to serve as the focal point for students, faculty, educators, and the regional community in learning the history and lessons of the Holocaust, the systematic murder of eleven million people, including six million Jews, during the Second World War, as well as broader issues related to genocide over time and across space. Through innovative educational programming the Center will study and investigate issues such as the consequences of anti-Semitism, racism, ethnic hatred, other forms of bigotry, and human rights.