The College of Humanities & Social Sciences has chosen to be represented by the compass, acknowledging the fact that we equip students with skills that will guide them through the world and into the future. We teach students to think independently, to understand that the more they learn the more they can learn, and that general education enhances creativity. We develop students’ professionalism as well as their skills in critical thinking, research, and communication. The College has rededicated itself to our mission with a new tagline, “Empower, Transform, Engage: Creating connections in Teaching, Research and Service to advance society.”

The College offers a large number of degrees, minors, and certificates within a variety of disciplines--English, Foreign Languages & Literatures, History, Law & Justice, Philosophy & Religion Studies, Political Science & Economics, and Sociology & Anthropology—as well as interdisciplinary programs in Africana Studies, American Studies, Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, Human Services, International Studies, Liberal Studies, and Modern Languages and Linguistics. 

Our degrees and courses provide a broad foundation of knowledge upon which students can build both professional and personal success. Our expert faculty and dedicated staff work hard to engage students in active learning opportunities such as service learning courses, internships, travel abroad programs, and opportunities for undergraduate research both inside and outside the classroom. We also provide extra-curricular activities designed by both faculty and students. 

A degree from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences prepares students not only for today’s jobs, but for jobs of the future.


Rowan University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.