Research Overview


Research Overview

Our faculty engage in a wide range of notable scholarly and creative activity. A few highlights of our faculty's areas of interest and recent projects include:


Joe Coulombe, Ph.D.: Coulombe is currently working on a series of articles on the function of humor in U.S. fiction. His specialties include Realism and Naturalism and twentieth-century American novels.

Cindy Vitto, Ph.D.: Vitto specializes in medieval literature. She is the author of Grammar by Diagram, a college-level textbook; The Virtuous Pagan in Medieval Literature, a monograph; and several articles dealing with medieval and Renaissance literature.

Foreign Languages & Literatures

Roberto Madero, Ph.D.: Madero's interests focus on Rio de la Plata literature and culture. He is the author of a recent book on the writing of history and the historical novel in 19th century Argentina, where he approaches the subject from perspectives afforded by the sociology of texts, political thought and legal culture.

Marilyn S. Manley, Ph.D.: Manley's teaching and research interests include topics of theoretical linguistics and applied linguistics, with a specialization in Hispanic sociolinguistics and anthropological linguistics. She has presented papers at national conferences and published on Hispanic sociolinguistics and Quechua (the indigenous language of the South American Andes, spoken today by over ten million descendants of the Incan Empire).


Corrine Blake, Ph.D.: Blake's research interests include late 19th century Arab-Ottoman history. She has studied and conducted research in Jordan, Israel, Turkey and Syria.

Melissa Klapper, Ph.D.: Klapper's research interests include the history of childhood, the history of education and American Jewish history. Her most recent award-winning book is "Ballots, Babies and Banners of Peace: American Jewish Women's Activism, 1890-1940"

Law & Justice

Wanda D. Foglia, Ph.D., J.D.: Foglia's research on how capital jurors decide death penalty cases has resulted in numerous presentations, articles in academic journals and a report for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Foglia testifies as an expert witness in death penalty cases throughout the country.

Allan Y. Jiao, Ph.D.: Jiao has engaged in research and professional services for many police organizations in the U.S. and abroad. His teaching and research interests include primarily policing, policy analysis and comparative criminal justice issues.

Philosophy & Religion Studies

Dianne C. Ashton, Ph.D.: Ashton's areas of scholarly research include American Judaism, women and Judaism, and religious life in America. She is currently the Editor of the scholarly journal, American Jewish History. Her most recent book is Hanukkah in America: A History (NewYork University Press, 2013).

Nathan Bauer, Ph.D.: Much of Bauer's current research concerns Kant, both as a prominent figure in the history of philosophy and as a relevant guide to contemporary issues in epistemology and ethics. His broader interests include modern and ancient philosophy and the history and philosophy of science.

Political Science & Economics

Lawrence Markowitz, Ph.D.: Director of the Hollybush Institute at Rowan University, Markowitz specializes in the study of state failure, social movements, and post-Soviet politics. Markowitz is author of State Erosion: Unlootable Resources and Unruly Elites in Central Asia (Cornell University Press, 2013.) His current research explores anti-immigrant movements in Russia and local violence in Central Asia.

Natalie D. Reaves, Ph.D.: Reaves is a health economist who researches the impact of government regulation on innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. She also has interests in environmental economics, law and economics and neuroeconomics.

Sociology & Anthropology

Mark Hutter, Ph.D.: Hutter's professional areas of interest include the sociology of the family/gender studies, urban sociology/social psychology of city life and ethnic studies/immigration.