Program Spotlight


Program Spotlight

Our astronomy students study the night sky, looking for clues to unlock mysteries of the universe.

“We push the limits of what the equipment can do,” says Eddie Guerra, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Physics & Astronomy. “We image galaxies, some out to about 500 million light years away.”

The six-class, 22-credit astronomy concentration complements physics and engineering majors’ coursework, and is open to all science majors. The concentration is especially useful for physics majors thinking about graduate work in astronomy or astrophysics, or motivated students who want an in-depth survey of modern astronomy.

Trained in physics and nuclear engineering, as an undergraduate Guerra fell in love with astronomy. It changed the course of his career. He moved to astrophysics and astronomy, earned his Ph.D. from Princeton in 1997 and began teaching at Rowan the next year.

Guerra chose to teach physics and astronomy at Rowan because, “I saw potential for growth and innovation here, and sure enough at every turn that’s been the case.” Interest in the astronomy concentration has grown steadily. “We keep the classes small, though,” Guerra says. Doing so ensures that each student has ample time with the equipment.

One feature of the program that Guerra is particularly proud of is the Observational Astronomy course. A hands-on course, students complete up to three projects with the 16-inch telescope, each sequentially more difficult than the previous one. “This course really gives students a chance to understand the use of our telescope, and leads to interest in astronomy club and future research,” Guerra says.

“We want students to keep pushing the envelope. In addition to being fun, there is a lot to be learned about the universe,” Guerra says.

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