Research Overview

two students working in science lab

Research Overview

With a College whose faculty secured 27 grants totaling $2.1 million in 2015, our research is robust and far-reaching. Highlights of just a small sampling of our faculty's research interests and expertise include:

Biological Sciences

Gregory Hecht, Ph.D.

  • Use of bacterial genetics techniques to investigate environmental and applied microbiology questions
  • Development of bacterial strains with novel properties suitable for commercial applications
  • Interactions between microbes and metals
  • Microbiology education

Christina Iftode, Ph.D.

  • Stem cell differentiation
  • Tissue engineering
  • Squamous cell carcinoma gene expression
  • Regulation of eukaryotic gene expression
  • The life cycle of DNA viruses
  • Protein and nucleic acid interactions

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Subash Jonnalagadda, Ph.D.

  • Organic chemistry: discovery of new reagents, reactions and methodologies for the synthesis of biologically active natural products
  • Medicinal chemistry: design, synthesis and evaluation of novel small molecules as potential anti-cancer agents

Cathy Yang, Ph.D.

  • Cancer biochemistry
  • Rational drug design
  • Molecular modeling
  • Proteolysis processes in physiology
  • Molecular recognition
  • Enzymatic detoxification of industry toxins
  • Biocatalyst design
  • Biosensor for biomedical diagnosis

Computer Science

Vasil Y. Hnatyshin, Ph.D.

  • Machine learning and statistical analysis for the field of metabolomics
  • Statistical and machine learning data mining techniques for network security
  • Vehicular communication using high-powered long-range ZigBee devices
  • Location-Aided routing in MANET
  • Modeling and simulation of computer networks using OPNET software

John Robinson, Ed.D.

  • Embedded Systems design and programming
  • Computer Science education


Karen Heinz, Ph.D.

  • Development of conceptions of ratio in prospective and practicing teachers
  • Mathematics teacher development

Thomas Osler, Ph.D.

  • Publishing expository and research articles in mathematics and physics
  • Publishing expository articles in mathematics with students
  • Translating Euler’s papers into English with students

Physics & Astronomy

Tabbetha Dobbins, Ph.D.

  • Synchrotron X-ray studies of catalytic mechanisms in hydrogen storage materials
  • Understanding mechanisms for nanomaterial enhancement during radiation therapy

David Klassen, Ph.D.

  • Martian cloud water abundances from remote sensing in the near-infrared
  • Lunar surface composition inferred from neutron spectroscopy


Bonnie Angelone, Ph.D.

  • The effects of working memory and other individual differences on change detection ability
  • Examining attentional biases and psychological disorders using a flicker change blindness paradigm
  • Visual metacognition and the use of cell phones while driving

Thomas Dinzeo, Ph.D.

  • Cognitive remediation in people with schizophrenia
  • Schizophrenia-spectrum phenomenon in undergraduate students (relationship to functioning)
  • Relationship of personality and emotional response to clinical manifestation of psychosis
  • Lifestyle/health behaviors and mental health