Student Life Overview

Three students working in a biological science lab

Student Life Overview

Class Experience

Our faculty are both internationally known scholars and dedicated teachers who share with our students our cutting-edge scholarship and include students in research opportunities. During the summer we offer students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a research environment. Some stay in Glassboro to participate in CSM’s Summer Undergraduate Research Program where they gain research experience, knowledge of advanced lab techniques and instrumentation and invaluable insight into the research process. Students also participate in a structured program, including invited speakers from industry, career talks, graduate school advice and social events that help build a strong community. Other students are selected to participate in highly competitive Research Experiences for Undergraduates program at universities and national laboratories across the United States and internationally each summer.

In our extensive facilities and laboratories, undergraduates gain hands-on experience using the latest technology and equipment. Rowan is home to the Edelman Planetarium and an observatory with astronomical and solar telescopes; a microscopy suite, that contains a TEM, SEM, SPM and a florescence microscope; a Thin Film Lab with multiple deposition systems; a Magnetic and Physical Properties lab, that includes an X-Ray Diƒractometer, several magnetometers, an ESR system, and a Physical Properties Measurement System capable of measuring electrical and thermal properties of materials over a broad range of temperatures; a range of biochemical and molecular biology facilities to characterize proteins, DNA, carbohydrates and lipids including DNA sequencing, gel electrophoresis, and protein/peptide synthesis; cell culture laboratories; a range of electrochemical analysis instrumentation; multiple spectroscopy instruments including NMR, Raman, circular dichroism, fluorescence, infrared, WDXRF and absorbance; and a mass spectrometry suite including ICP -, GC-, and LC-MS instruments. Students in classrooms and laboratories have access to computers for operating state of the art statistical, sequence analysis and bioinformatics software.

We offer free tutoring through the Tutoring Center and directly through two of our departments (Mathematics and Computer Science). The Tutoring Center offers drop-in tutoring for several physics and chemistry courses.

Social Engagement