Safety & Community


Safety & Community

Safety and Community at Rowan University

Rowan is committed to creating a community that is welcoming, supportive and safe. We encourage every member of our community – students, faculty, staff and volunteers – to pursue excellence and reach their potential. For this to occur, we strive to eliminate barriers such as feelings of isolation and insecurity.

Initiatives that Make a Difference

Our goal is to educate every member of the Rowan community on how to help protect ourselves and our colleagues, becoming a trauma-informed and health-promoting campus. We are training all of our faculty, staff, and students in how to combat discrimination and harassment, in 2016 focusing on sex discrimination (Title IX), but equally applicable to race, gender, national origin, sexual preference or identity, disability, religious beliefs and all other protected classes. In 2015 our award-winning Wellness Center added two more counselors, a psychologist, a nurse practitioner, a nurse, as well as a psychiatrist integrated with Rowan Medicine. Our students and Student Life Division have taken the lead to design and conduct programs that emphasize the importance of bystander intervention to help ensure awareness of sexual violence prevention, areas of social justice and inclusion, and the expectation of healthy relationships. We distribute information and resources for victim support and are proud to share that our student-produced PACT5 documentaries about sexual violence are shown nationwide. In April 2016 our students will host the first-ever Student Title IX Summit in New Jersey. Additionally, our Healthy Campus Initiatives office designed and implemented an internationally recognized suicide prevention program with funds awarded to Rowan University from the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Leading the Way      

Safe Campus, the National Campus Safety Summit, named Rowan’s Division of Student Life to the Safe Campus 2016 Top 25 List, selecting Rowan from among 4,706 college or university administrative departments as having “proven an outstanding dedication to improving the safety of their students, faculty, staff, and visitors."  This is just the most recent evidence of our commitment to providing a safe community. In 2005 our Department of Public Safety (DPS) became a certified Police Training Commission with armed police officers to patrol and protect the campus. The department was the first law enforcement agency in higher education in New Jersey to achieve national accreditation from the Commission of the Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. We continue to be recognized for the excellence of their service:  in June 2015 our personnel received 18 awards in areas of safety and security from the College and University Public Safety Association.