High School Transcripts


High School Transcripts

Submission of High School Reports & Transcripts

High School Transcripts

Please have your high school send all official High School Transcripts electronically to the Office of Admissions at Rowan University. If necessary, the official High School Transcript can also be mailed to the same location. Please be sure to have your legal name included on all documents.


You must have completed a minimum of 16 college preparatory units in high school. Two years of foreign language study are strongly recommended. You can improve your chances for admission by selecting challenging academic courses and taking more than the 16-unit requirement. Courses in accounting, fine arts and computer processing are not considered academic units and do not count towards the 16-unit requirement. Your high school curriculum should include (at minimum) the following:

  • 4 units - English
  • 2 units - Laboratory Science*
  • 3 units -College Prep Mathematics* (Algebra I and II, and Geometry)
  • 2 units - Social Studies
  • 5 units - Additional work in at least two of the following: History, Languages (minimum 2 units in one language), Mathematics, Science or English

* Engineering applicants should have 3 units of laboratory science including physics and chemistry and 4 units of college prep math including precalculus. Calculus is strongly recommended.

School Reports and Counselor Recommendations

The Common Application School Report and Counselor Recommendation allow your secondary school counselor or other school administrator who knows you well to tell us about you: your energy and enthusiasm for the life of the mind, your impact on your school community and your academic strength in relation to that of your classmates. The information gleaned from this form also sets your academic experience in context for us: how many of your classmates go on to attend a four-year college, what kinds of advanced or accelerated courses (if any) are offered at your school and the size of your class. This information is important to us as we assess your achievements within your school environment first, and then later within our overall applicant pool.