Undergraduate Degrees


Undergraduate Degrees

Immersion through nationally recognized programs and faculty.

Rowan students have the advantage of choosing from over 70 well established Undergraduate degree programs, with an average class size of 22 students for targeted learning and strong student-professor networking opportunities. 

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

 Accounting Department External Link

Whether you are interested in a career with a big firm, a small firm or you want to start your own business, our accounting program will help you achieve your goals. We offer a B.S. in Accounting and an MBA with an accounting specialization.

Our program will familiarize you with many kinds of accounting careers--auditing, taxes, consulting, managerial, government, not-for-profit, information systems and forensic accounting. Many of our accounting graduates pursue the Certified Public Accounting examination right after graduating and leverage that to obtain positions in large and small firms in public accounting. Other graduates find positions with large corporations, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations.

Through Rowan’s accounting mentorship program, you will have the opportunity to work directly with an accounting professional as early as your freshman year. Through internships you can gain hands-on experience while you earn credit. Some internships lead to full-time positions upon graduation. While an undergraduate, you may also gain tax preparation experience through the federally sponsored Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program, which offers free tax help to low income and disabled taxpayers.

Notable Employers

Our graduates have found positions at organizations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, EY, Deloitte LLP, KPMG, Baker Tilly, BDO, Defense Contract Audit Agency, State of New Jersey Division of Taxation, and Comcast.

Possible Careers: Auditor/Internal Auditor, Tax Accountant, Cost Accountant, Investment banker, Controller, Business credit/loan administrator, Certified Public Accountant

Notable Employers: Comcast, State of New Jersey Division of Taxations, Defense Contract Audit Agency, BDO, ParenteBeard LLC, KPMG, Deloitte LLP, EY, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

If you love business, and the creativity that drives it, Rowan’s bachelor of arts in Advertising may be the major for you. The program is grounded in communication research and professional experience. It has produced successful advertising professionals for more than 30 years. The program enables students to develop an array of experience from copy writing to account and media planning, from integrated marketing communication to advertising campaigns. You will also be encouraged to take an internship to develop real-world connections and to further your career development. Through participation in student agencies like Ad Dynamics and PRaction and Rowan’s Ad Club (which is affiliated with the American Advertising Federation), you will engage directly with area professionals and build important connections.

Possible Careers: Copywriting, Creative direction, Media planning, Account Management, Brand Management

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Africana Studies External Site

Rowan's Africana Studies program promotes a deep understanding of the unique American experience through the lens of African Americans, their struggles and triumphs. The program is a significant component of Rowan's commitment to multidisciplinary education and the inclusion of the study of diverse peoples. The program offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Africana Studies and an undergraduate Concentration in Africana Studies in cooperation with roughly a dozen departments throughout the University.

Through Rowan's Africana Studies program, students develop a greater understanding of their world and build competencies to succeed professionally as well as civically at all levels: local, state, national and global.

Possible Careers: Government, Law, Education, Journalism, Public Administration, Psychology and Social Services

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

American Studies External Site

American Studies is the study of America – its history, literature, geography, society, culture, politics, economy, philosophies and dramas. Drawing from several disciplines, the major will offer you a broad liberal education and help you develop critical thinking and writing skills as well as a sophisticated understanding of the unique, diverse American landscape.

Rowan's American Studies major provides a great base for many careers. It is an excellent coordinate major for students in the Elementary Education program as it covers many of the Core Curriculum Content Standards that aspiring educators will be expected to teach. Paired with a minor in Philosophy, American Studies is also excellent preparation for law school. We recommend a double major in Public Relations, and well as adopting a minor that complements your particular interests.

Notable Employers

Our graduates have obtained employment with Rowan University, Mount Holly Public Schools, Cambridge (Massachusetts) Public Schools and University of South Florida.

Possible Careers: Business, Journalism, Education, Law, Government, Psychology and Social Services

Notable Employers: University of South Florida, Cambridge (Massachusetts) Public Schools, Mount Holly Public Schools, Rowan University


Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Make your dream of a creative life come true. Whether you prefer the challenges of mastering innovative digital media or the joys of traditional painting and printmaking, or a mix of media in between, Rowan is for you. Bring your ideas to life in spacious and well-equipped studios and state-of-the-art computer labs. You’ll work with faculty who are highly accomplished artists, designers and historians to expand your talents and prepare for exciting careers in art and design. The Rowan University Art Gallery regularly exhibits contemporary artists from around the world and our two other galleries spotlight students’ work. Your Rowan degree opens a door to a whole world of possibilities. Our students put their skills to work at great internships and jobs in Philadelphia, New York, and all over the country. Some of them are teaching their own students now, and all of them gain a lasting appreciation for the visual arts.

Acceptance into the Department of Art at Rowan requires a portfolio review.

If you know you want to teach, be sure to look into our specialization in Art Education.


Possible Careers: Art educator, Photographer, Graphic/Web Design, Illustrator/Animator, Painter/Printmaker, Art Historian, BioMed Illustrator, Studio Owner, Museum Curator

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Biomedical Art & Visualization Specialization will provide you with comprehensive and in-depth experience in art, science, medicine and technology while it empowers you to venture out of the classroom and into the professional field of collaboration. As part of this program, you will combine exploration, research and investigation with strong visual communication design and technical skills to connect with audiences through the creation of educational narratives and didactic design. In the studio you will combine a mastery of the latest and best technology with your artistic talents. In the science classroom you will add to your skills a comprehensive knowledge of science and medicine. Combine it all and you will be ready to communicate scientific knowledge through many forms to any audience.

From pen and ink to game engines, you will master the tools you will need to communicate specialized knowledge. We’ve designed a flexible curriculum, which combines access to Rowan's extensive science and medicine courses with access to the Department of Art’s courses in computer imaging, graphic design, information design, photography and sculpture. Not only will you have the skills and knowledge you need to meet real world assignments, you will also develop applied career skills in portfolio preparation and professional practices within the department and with outside experts.

Our extraordinary location at the heart of the region’s leading medical, scientific, and cultural communities promotes connections between our students and the area’s major medical and educational resources. Beyond our own Cooper Medical School, School of Osteopathic Medicine, College of Science & Mathematics, College of Health Sciences and Graduate School of Biomedical Science our region includes the Mutter Museum, Franklin Science Center, Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University and University of Pennsylvania. Through partnerships with these community institutions we can offer our students real-world experiences that include projects in medical, natural science and educational media.

Acceptance into the Department of Art at Rowan requires a portfolio review.

Types of content and subjects in the Biomedical Art and Visualization area:

  • Biology
  • Zoology
  • Natural and environmental sciences
  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Pathology and disease development
  • Biotechnology and biomedical engineering
  • Surgical procedures and operative observation

Types of art media used in the Biomedical Art and Visualization area:

  • Graphite
  • Carbon dust
  • Pen and ink
  • Color pencil
  • Digital line and ink (Adobe Creative Cloud)
  • 2D Digital painting/illustration (Adobe Creative Cloud)
  • 3D Modeling and animation (Autodesk Entertainment Suite)
  • Interactive media (Adobe Creative Cloud, Unity and Unreal Game Engines)

Possible Careers: Bio-med illustrator, Educational game developer, Marketing designer for a medical device firm, Educational technologist

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Fine Arts

Graphic designers plan, analyze and create visual solutions to a wide range of communication problems. Our faculty are practicing designers who will help you develop thoughtful experiences, technical skills, and deep understanding of the realities of design production and practice. At Rowan, you will work in traditional print media and master the challenges of interactivity and digital innovation. Contemporary exhibitions at the Rowan University Art Gallery, regular visits by design pros and exciting visits to world-class studios and firms in Philadelphia, New York, and Washington D.C. help your ideas grow. Whether you dream of running your own studio, working with a talented team, or continuing your education in graduate school, the bachelor's degree of Fine Arts Specialization in Graphic Design opens up great career options in professional design.

Acceptance into the Department of Art at Rowan requires a portfolio review.

Possible Careers: Art educator, Prepress specialis, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Design Consultant, Web/Digital Designer, Exhibit Designer, Packaging Developer

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Fine Arts

Rowan’s bachelor's degree in Fine Arts in Studio Art will nurture your creativity with a thoughtful balance of experience, technical skills and a deep understanding of the realities of artistic production and practice. Contemporary art exhibitions at the Rowan University Art Gallery and regular trips to world-class galleries and museums in Philadelphia, New York, and Washington D.C. help your ideas grow along with your hands-on studio skills. Your education at Rowan prepares you to become a professional artist or continue your education in top graduate programs in art. No matter what media you prefer, we have the spacious facilities and accomplished faculty, the small class sizes and the challenging approaches to learning that will send you confidently into the professional world of art.

Acceptance into the Department of Art at Rowan requires a portfolio review.

Possible Careers: Art Appraiser, Jewelry designer, Illustrator, Sculptor/Ceramist, Art Critic/Consultant, Video Artist, 3-D Model-Maker, Museum Staff

Degree Earned: Master of Science in Athletic Training

 Athletic Training Department External Link

Our 5 year program is structured to ensure that students graduate with a master’s degree in athletic training to meet the profession’s minimum entry-level requirement established by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education. As athletic trainers, our graduates are healthcare professionals who collaborate with physicians and provide services such as injury prevention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation. As a student, you will gain clinical experience under the supervision of preceptors (clinical instructors) at Rowan University, area high schools, local colleges, professional sports and in physicians’ offices and hospitals. Our students also develop clinical expertise alongside some of the best athletic trainers in the region. Rowan athletic training graduates consistently rank above the national average for first-time pass rates on the certification exam. 

Possible Careers: High School Athletic Trainer, Collegiate Athletic Trainer, Professional Sport Athletic Trainer, Athletic Trainer for the Military, Performing Arts Athletic Trainer, Physician Extender, Athletic Trainer in a Hospital or Clinic Setting, Industrial Athletic Trainer

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

 Biochemistry Department External Link

With a Rowan degree in biochemistry you can specialize in any of the related areas of chemistry, molecular biology, genetics, structural biology, pharmacology or medicine. As the chemistry of life, the study of biochemistry spans the topics of chemistry, biology, physics, genetics and math.

Rowan's proximity to biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies and biomedical labs creates vast opportunities for you to participate in internships and collaborative research. The Biochemistry program will prepare you for graduate study in chemistry and biology or launch you into a health profession such as medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacology or podiatry.

Possible Careers: BioMedicine, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical R&D, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical sales, Basic and biomedical research

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

 Bioinformatics Department External Link

If you enjoy solving complex programming problems and have a penchant for the biological sciences, you will feel at home in Rowan's Bioinformatics program. As part of your studies you will combine a set of methods with your programming savvy to extract results from large sets of biological data. As a bioinformatician, you might study human diseases, find new, more powerful drugs, or unlock the secret biology of an organism. Stepping into bioinformatics is easier than you might think: learning a few lines of programming code puts genomes at your fingertips.

You may be thinking that this may seem like the job of the future, but those jobs are here today. The current job market in bioinformatics is booming, and those with a combined expertise in biology, chemistry and computer programming will be needed more and more.

Possible Careers: Biological & Biomedical Research, Drug Development, Medicine, Biotechnology

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts

  Biological Science Department External Link

Rowan's Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences provides a broad yet rigorous background in biology and related sciences along with the flexibility to build a specialty track that suits your career goals. Our program includes options for you to prepare for future careers in medicine, health professions, bioinformatics, cell biology, genetics, microbiology ecology, environmental science, botany, marine biology and zoology.

Rowan biology students enjoy small classes taught by faculty – not graduate students – and, unlike many larger universities, Rowan provides research opportunities for underclassmen. Rowan's proximity to biotech companies, the health industry, museums, and conservation or environmental facilities creates additional opportunities for internships and collaborative research.

While many biology-based career paths require advanced studies, a bachelor degree in Biological Sciences builds a strong base for additional post-graduate studies.

The Bachelor of Science degree will prepare you for graduate study in the sciences, medicine and other allied health fields. The Bachelor of Arts degree will prepare you for teaching, business or law careers.


Possible Careers: Health Professions, Bioinformatics, Environmental Consulting, Science Education (K-12), Research Laboratory Technician

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

Combine your interests in engineering, medicine and biology to focus on the growing field of health care. Rowan's biomedical engineering program will enable you to analyze and design innovative solutions, which will directly improve the quality and effectiveness of patient care. Modeled after the proven hands-on, real world, project-based curriculum of Rowan’s existing engineering programs, the BME degree program will prepare you to contribute to healthcare solutions in an increasingly multidisciplinary environment.

Possible Careers: Drug Development, Nanotechnology, Tissue Engineering, Stem Cell Research

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

 Biophysics Department External Link

Are you looking for an interdisciplinary major that will prepare you to employ the power of physics, chemistry and math to study biological processes, understand how to prevent diseases, design cures or develop novel technologies? Biophysics harnesses several branches of science to explore the biological systems and the physical properties of their molecules. A degree in biophysics will prepare you to work in research institutes, medical centers, with the government or at universities.

Possible Careers: Biological Research Institutes, Medicine, Drug Development

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

This program, like all majors in the College of Engineering, offers a series of medical school-style clinics that begin freshman year and immerse students in real-world research and applications. Through optional specializations in Materials and Biological Engineering you might prepare yourself to discover how a drug is designed, cure a disease, manufacture a novel food product or produce biofuels from renewable resources. You will emerge with the skills and tools to identify, formulate and solve real world engineering problems.

Possible Careers: Biomedical Technology, Sustainability / Green Engineering, Food / Consumer Products, Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology, Petroleum and Alternative Energy, Polymers and advanced materials

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts

 Chemistry Department External Link

As a student in Rowan's Chemistry program your studies will include topics in organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, and polymer chemistry. You will move beyond books and classrooms and, through a required research project, gain experience designed to prepare you for deeper research in graduate school and in your career.

Our program will introduce you to sophisticated instruments not commonly found in undergraduate labs. At Rowan, chemistry majors begin using gas chromatographs/mass spectrometers their freshman year, which is unique to our program.

The Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry will prepare you for graduate study in the sciences, medicine and other allied health fields.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry will prepare you for teaching, business or law careers. If you are interested in teaching chemistry, you may want to pursue a Subject Matter Teaching Certificate along with the major.

Possible Careers: Education, Analytical chemistry, Chemical sales, Developmental chemistry, Science writing, Consulting

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

From the large sport stadiums to the Freedom Tower in New York City, all of the world's man-made wonders were designed by civil and environmental engineers. Civil engineers are problem-solvers and design and build structures, roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. Environmental engineers help make the world a cleaner and better place by pioneering technologies for water and waste water treatment plants, hazardous waste site cleanup, pollution control, and much more.

As a Rowan Civil and Environmental Engineering student, you'll take part in the program's popular, hands-on clinic program starting freshmen year and learn to use science to improve the world around you. You can also be part of the Engineers without Borders chapter and assist communities worldwide meet their basic needs.

Notable Employers

Our graduates have found positions with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, PSEG, NJ Department of Transportation, NJ Department of Environmental Protection and Langan Engineering, and Pennoni Associates.

Possible Careers: Structural engineering, Environmental engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Transportation engineering, Environmental hydraulics, hydrology, and water resources engineering, Sustainable Infrastructure

Notable Employers: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, PSEG, NJ Department of Transportation, NJ Department of Environmental Protection, Langan Engineering, Pennoni Associates

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Communication allows people to form and share ideas, build relationships and forge experience with others. Our Communication Studies program explores this central and complex part of the human condition. As a communication studies student you will engage in demanding, rewarding examinations of two central elements of communication: relationships and messages. And, you'll develop key skills employers seek most often – the ability to think, speak and write clearly. The Communication Studies major offers flexibility in the topics of study, an approach well suited to students with wide-ranging interests and abilities. Students take a series of core courses to build a foundation in theory, research, and application and then choose a specialization: Rhetoric and Cultural Criticism or Interpersonal/Organizational Communication. Students are encouraged to complete an internship outside the university, but may also conduct a research practicum, working one-on-one with a professor.

Possible Careers: Business, New media, Human resources, Public relations, Higher Education

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

 Community Health Advocacy and Education Department External Link

The Community Health Advocacy and Education (CHAE) major studies the health and wellness of the community as a whole, and the various initiatives, program, and practices designed to improve its health. Rowan University’s CHAE program is focused on the areas of responsibility expressed by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC). The CHAE program engages students in the seven NCHEC areas of assessment, planning, implementation, research and evaluation, service and advocacy and the administration of public health and health education programming. The CHAE program prepares graduates for the Certified Health Education Specialist examination, for graduate and professional school programs as well as for various community and public health positions.

Possible Careers: Health Educator, Public Health Coordinator, Policy/Advocacy Fellow, Community Health Worker, Health Project Manager, Health Researcher Analyst, Global Health Advocate, Emergency Field Operations Coordinator

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

 Computer Science Department External Link

Rowan's Bachelor of Science in Computer Science provides a broad foundation for students interested in a variety of computer-based careers, from the development of software to information technology.

As a computer science major at Rowan you will master the principles and technologies of computers and networks to develop the versatility you'll need to adapt in this fast-evolving field. As a Computer Science major you can specialize in a specific areas of study including software engineering, networking and operating systems, information technology, programming languages and artificial intelligence. With a broad knowledge that includes data structures, algorithms, problem-solving techniques, programming languages, software engineering, data communication and networking, and the architecture of digital computer systems, you will emerge prepared immediate employment or ready to enter graduate study in computer science and related fields.

Possible Careers: Software design/development, Information visualization/data mining, Database administrator, Software engineer, Web developer, Network and operating system specialist

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

 Computing and Informatics Department Link

If you want to build a solid foundation in the principles of computing to support your planned career in information technology, but do not necessarily want to delve into the underpinnings of computer science theory and mathematics, The Bachelor of Arts in Computing and Informatics is the right choice for you.

In comparison to the B.S. in Computer Science, this equally rigorous program will require less computer science, general science and mathematics coursework so that In exchange, you will have more time to concentrate on computer programming, infrastructure platforms, applications development (particularly mobile and web applications), project management, database implementations, general principles of computer networks and infrastructure, as well as information security.

Since the B.A. degree requires fewer courses in the major and allows for an increased number of electives, you can customize the degree by careful course selection. For instance, you could obtain a minor in MIS, Business Administration, Geographic Information Systems or Entrepreneurship. We can help you customize the program to suit your specific interests and abilities.

We currently offer specializations in mobile devices and DevOp.

Possible Careers: Technical application trainer, Software QA / testing engineer, Support technician, Infrastructure administrator, Programmer

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Dance is a professionally oriented performance degree that integrates the study of dance and dance education within a liberal arts curriculum. The program will offer you the means to develop your technical and creative potential while you learn to express yourself as diverse and informed artist and teacher. Our theoretical and practical approach to the art form strives to stimulate physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth; thus preparing you for a professional career in dance.

Applicants must audition for the department for acceptance into the program.

Notable Employers

Our graduates have found positions with organizations such as the Philadelphia Dance Company, the Koresh Dance Company, Group Motion, the Jeanne Ruddy Dance Company, Performing Arts Academies and the Melanie Stewart Dance Theatre.

Possible Careers: Studio Owner, Arts Administrator, Professional Choreographer, Dance Critic, Professional Dance Educator, Professional Dance Artist

Notable Employers: Melanie Stewart Dance Theatre, Performing Arts Academies, Jeanne Ruddy Dance Company, Group Motion, Koresh Dance Company, Philadelphia Dance Company

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management External Site

If you are interested in urban issues and environments and if you want to explore the role that ethics plays in how policies, politics and practices shape the quality of life for human beings in society, then consider this interdisciplinary degree program. Rowan's Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management program trains students in areas that impact human welfare locally, nationally and globally. This always-relevant major is especially timely considering current impending threat of universal terrorism and continued concern over natural disasters. This program will sharpen your skills in critical thinking, communication and research as well as build your knowledge of:

  • Emergency response
  • Emergency center coordination
  • Incident command leadership
  • Emergency communication
  • Complex problem solving
  • Strategic operations development and evaluations
  • National, state and local emergency teams response coordination
  • Critical thinking specific to emergency and planning situations

Possible Careers: Law enforcement field officers, Environmental emergency management specialist, Emergency manager (local, state, federal), Disaster preparedness coordinator

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

The B.A. in Education with Specialization in Early Childhood Education Program will qualify you to guide and teach children from birth through eight years old. Our program is informed by the latest research in child development and learning while it adheres to the professional and academic standards of the New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers (NJPST), the Professional Development Standards of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS) and the New Jersey Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards (NJPTLS). You will emerge from our professional courses engaged, prepared and qualified to offer the youngest children adaptive, responsive and individualized education in an increasingly diverse school population.

The B.A. in Education, with Specialization in Early Childhood Education has four required strands of study:

  1. General Education courses
  2. Rowan Experience courses
  3. Professional Specialization Sequence
  4. Dual major requirements

This last requirement mandates that Early Childhood Education Specialization candidates complete major requirements in one of four academic disciplines:

  1. American Studies
  2. Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Sciences
  3. Literacy Studies
  4. Writing Arts

Students accepted into the Specialization are expected to adhere to the prescribed sequence of courses and to consult with their advisors in Education at least once a semester. Early Childhood courses may not be offered every semester.

Possible Careers: First, second or third grade teacher, Kindergarten teacher, Preschool teacher, Teacher assistant, Day Care Lead Teacher, Entrepreneurial Child Care Business, Head Start Lead Teacher

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Economics External Department Site

Our Economics major provides a rigorous liberal arts education for students whose interest in business extends beyond the specific areas of accounting, finance, management and marketing. Our program will introduce you to economic theories within the fields of health, environment, labor economics, and urban and regional economics. You will have the opportunity to work with faculty on research and public policy and explore your interests through internships. This program offers the unique ability to specialize in public policy in depth.

Possible Careers: Finance, Investment banker, Small businessperson, Economist, Financial Analyst, Public policy, Research

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

Electrical and Computer Engineers (ECEs) have made some remarkable contributions to our world; we have pioneered the invention of smart phones, computers, smart grids, digital cameras, MP3 players, GPS systems, medical imaging devices, and computer games, to name a small fraction of countless similar innovations. As a ECE, you will play a crucial and indispensable role in the design of cars, airplanes, spacecraft, autonomous and even extraterrestrial vehicles, home appliances, bioinformatics, lifesaving medical equipment and so many other technologies that we have come to rely on.

Under the pressure of today's technologically complex requirements, the once distinctly different fields of electrical, electronic and computer engineering have merged into one well-integrated discipline. Rowan offers the first in nation, combined Electrical and Computer Engineering degree. Our ECE program is accredited by ABET as a combined program, which meets the requirements of both electrical and computer engineering.

The ECE program also allows for a specialization in Biomedical Engineering.

Notable Employers

Our graduates have found positions with Lockheed Martin, L-3 Communications, FAA Tech Center, NAVAIR/NAVSEA, Atlantic City Electric and US Army Research Labs / CERDEC.

Possible Careers: Virtual and augmented reality systems, Computational intelligence and machine learning, Wireless communications, Nanotechnology, Smart grid, sustainable and renewable energy, Electrical and computer engineering, Digital signal, speech and audio processing, Systems engineer, Embedded systems, robotics, Mobile computing

Notable Employers: US Army Research Labs / CERDEC, Atlantic City Electric, NAVAIR/NAVSEA, FAA Tech Center, L-3 Communications, Lockheed Martin

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

If you truly enjoy working with children and want to make a lasting impact on their lives, then Elementary Education is the major for you. The New Jersey Instructional Certificate in Elementary Education qualifies you to teach Kindergarten through Grade 6. You will combine your education studies with a dual major in one of the following 10 subject matter areas: American Studies, Chemistry, English, Geography, History, Liberal Studies - Humanities/Social Science, Literacy Studies, Mathematics, Spanish, Writing Arts (Communication). You will graduate with a B.A. in Education, with a Specialization in Elementary Education (K-6) and a B.A. in your dual/second major.

You will work closely in small class settings with professors who are highly regarded for their expertise. Every semester of professional teacher course work includes a field experience—time in real classrooms working with real teachers and students. During these skill-enhancing sessions you will assist and observe tenured teachers under supervision by your Rowan professors. These experiences culminate with student teaching/clinical practice.

The B.A. in Education, with Specialization in Elementary Education has four required strands of study:

  1. General Education courses
  2. Core Education courses
  3. Professional Specialization Sequence
  4. Dual major requirements

This last requirement mandates that Elementary Education Specialization candidates complete major requirements in one of ten certification-eligible dual majors approved by the University. Students accepted into the Specialization are expected to adhere to the prescribed sequence of courses and to consult with their advisors in Education at least once a semester.

The list of dual majors includes: American Studies, Chemistry, Liberal Studies: Humanities & Social Sciences, English, Geography, History, Literacy Studies, Mathematics, Spanish, and Writing Arts. 

Possible Careers: Camp director, Resource teacher, Reading specialist, Elementary school teacher

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

Combine your technical, business, and professional knowledge to spur innovation and develop new products and processes. Engineering entrepreneurship requires creativity, business acumen, opportunity recognition, perseverance, and customer empathy with a firm technical engineering foundation. You will learn the knowledge, skills, and abilities associated with an entrepreneurial mindset in engineering contexts. As a graduate, you will be prepared with the interdisciplinary engineering and business knowledge needed to excel in management and leadership roles early in your career.

The Engineering Entrepreneurship program prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities in which technological innovation plays a central role, whether in an established industry, a new venture, government or non-profit, or graduate school.

Possible Careers: Product Development, Operations & Manufacturing, Project Management, Technical Sales & Marketing, Technology Commercialization

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

English External Department Site

The Bachelor of Arts in English incorporates a diverse mix of literature—classic, contemporary, and non-Western. With a major in English you will develop analytical thinking, writing and research skills that transfer easily to a multitude of careers and also provide a solid foundation for graduate school. Our small class sizes provide the ideal setting for personalized instruction and student growth.

Many of our English majors pursue dual degree programs in Education, Theatre, or other disciplines; customize their studies with minors in Journalism or Business; and/or deepen their cultural understanding through concentrations in International, Asian or Africana Studies. Our graduates have found rewarding careers in a vast array of fields.

Possible Careers: Copywriting, Journalism, Education, Law, Sales, Government

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

 Entrepreneurship Department External Link

As part of the Entrepreneurship program you will be encouraged to understand entrepreneurship from all perspectives--global, national, local or that of an individual firm. You should emerge from the program with an understanding of how global economic, social, political and environmental events and problems will impact emerging enterprises. As part of our program you will learn how to recognize opportunity and decide to take actions that will create, finance, grow, staff, lead, motivate and sustain your ventures. Ultimately, such ventures should create both personal and public wealth.

Project-based learning gives our students the opportunity to work with clients such as BDO Seidman, Microsoft, Federal Aviation Administration to gain real world experience while in the classroom. Rowan’s Entrepreneurship program is recognized by Princeton Review as one of the top 25 entrepreneurship programs in the nation.

Notable Employers

Our graduates have found employment with organizations such as Target; Merrill Lynch Wealth Management; Mars, Inc.; ModSpace Company;
Scotttrade Inc.; Enterprise Rent-A Car; Connell Mining Products and Brighton Cromwell, LLC.

Possible Careers: Business Consultant, Small Business Manager, Personal financial advisor, Management, Franchisee, Venture Capitalist

Notable Employers: Brighton Cromwell, LLC, Connell Mining Products, Enterprise Rent-A Car, Scotttrade Inc., ModSpace Company, Mars, Inc., Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, Target

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary program drawing from several departments. The curriculum centers on a set of courses designed to emphasize the multifaceted nature of environmental problems. Through this approach, you will learn to apply basic scientific and sociological concepts and research methodologies to environmental issues of regional, national, and global importance.

Possible Careers: Public policy, Conservation, Research, Law, Consulting, Journalism

Degree Earned: No Degree

Exploratory Studies External Site

Exploratory Studies provides an academic home for students who have not yet selected a major and have earned fewer than 60 credits. First-year students will be enrolled in the Exploratory Studies Workshop in their first semester to familiarize them with Rowan's resources and to begin the process of exploring majors, careers, and their own strengths and interests. Students receive academic advising from the University Advising Center and support from the Office of Academic Transition & Support Programs. Students may remain in Exploratory Studies until they have completed 60 credits (including all transfer credits). 

Benefits of the ESP program include: 

  • Academic advisors with knowledge of all Rowan majors
  • Opportunity to take courses to explore multiple majors while fulfilling requirements
  • Discussions with professors, peers, advisors, and campus officials to explore interests

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

 Finance Department External Link

Finance is an exciting and highly rewarding major. Every type of organization, private or public or domestic or international, needs finance professionals who have a mastery of how to allocate money to its best use. Our program will provide you with an in-depth understanding of how firms raise and invest capital, individuals allocate their savings among different investment options and markets function to channel funds from savers to investors.

In our state-of-the-art interactive trading room you will have the opportunity to validate your textbook knowledge by buying and selling stocks with real money (the William G. Rohrer Charitable Foundation generously provides $100,000). The room features 40 powerful computers for in depth financial analysis, a large LCD touch screen monitor and multi-hued electronic tickers front and rear. Researching on the Bloomberg financial network and through other resources, students make investment decisions in near-real time.

Our Finance program offers:

  • A modern, dynamic curriculum reflecting market conditions and expectations
  • Faculty members with national and international recognition who are leading researchers and dedicated teachers in their fields
  • High job placement and successful graduates
  • Excellent internship opportunities that may lead to permanent jobs
  • An excellent mentorship program connecting finance students with Rowan alumni
  • An interactive trading room with more hands on learning opportunities
  • Portfolio management electives and contests
  • An active Financial Management Association student club that arranges various lectures by leading business executives and organizes excursions to major financial markets and institutions in Philadelphia and New York

Notable Employers

Our graduates have found positions with organizations such as J. P. Morgan, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, TD Bank, Lincoln Financial Group, Wells Fargo Advisors, State Street, Vanguard, Goldman Sachs, ING Financial Partners, Wells Fargo Advisors, Merrill Lynch, Norvatis, and Lockheed Martin.

Possible Careers: Security Analyst, Wealth and Investment Manager, Financial Analyst, Loan officer, Personal financial advisor

Notable Employers: J. P. Morgan, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, TD Bank, Lincoln Financial Group, Wells Fargo Advisors, State Street, Vanguard, Goldman Sachs, ING Financial Partners, Merrill Lynch

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

Pursue a Bachelor of Science in G.I.S. at Rowan to study spatial analysis, a white-hot field that documents the planet with satellite-guided accuracy. A relatively new field, spatial analysis employs complex data sets to explore how various environmental factors can impact a place. Visualization tools employed in GIS enable exploration with 3D modeling and across time periods. Career opportunities for GIS technicians, analysts and specialists are in demand in the public and private sectors alike.

Possible Careers: Education, Engineering, Planning, Analysis, State, local and federal government, Non-profit

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Studying Geography introduces you to an engaging field that has a wide diversity of specializations. All geographers are interested in the scientific exploration of the earth and spatial analysis. However, while one branch of geography focuses on people (human geography) and another branch focuses on the environment (physical geography), there are multiple sub-disciplines between. You can choose to focus on anything from geology and climatology to demography and planning.

Possible Careers: G.I.S. Technology, Cartography, Climatology, Demography, Hydrology, Planning

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts

Starting fall 2017, the Department of Geology will welcome its first majors in Geology. The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Geology and the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Geology are physical science majors composed of foundation courses in science and mathematics; core courses in geology; and electives in geoscience, applied geology, or paleontology. Both programs are designed to prepare students to enter the geoscience workforce in consulting firms or government agencies; pursue professional studies; or undertake advanced graduate studies in geoscience disciplines. The BS in Geology is specifically designed to provide students with the background necessary to pass the Professional Geologist (PG) exam. Students who pursue a BA in Geology have greater flexibility to take electives in environmental studies, geography, social sciences, and other disciplines.

Possible Careers: Geologist, Hydrogeologist, Mineralogists, Petrologist, Paleontologist

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

 Health & Exercise Science: Health Promotion & Wellness Management Department External Link

The Health & Exercise Science: Health Promotion & Wellness Management program will teach you the process of supporting, training and encouraging others in the pursuit of well-being in all dimensions of life. Its focus is both personal and public and as such spans the social, physical, emotional, occupational, intellectual, environmental and spiritual dimensions. While fitness is only a component of health promotion, it is highlighted in the title to reflect the strong emphasis of this program on exercise science. However, as a student in this specialization you will also become familiar with health promotion and wellness interventions so you will be prepared with the administrative and business skills you will need to successfully implement health promotion programs.

Possible Careers: Wellness coach, Public health educator, Strength and conditioning coach, Health promotion program coordinator, Exercise specialist

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

It IS fun, but health and physical education is about so much more than fun and games. A physical education is imperative to developing and maintaining lifelong health! As a Rowan education major with health and physical education certification, you will learn to apply the science of human movement, as well as organizational and instructional strategies to helping students develop active, healthy lifestyles. In addition to classroom theory you will gain field experience and student teaching opportunities to put all that knowledge into practice. And, when you graduate, you'll be certified to teach health and physical education from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade in New Jersey.

Possible Careers: Elementary health and physical education teacher, Secondary health and physical education teacher, Athletic coaching, Pre-K-12 grade administrator (with graduate degree)

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

History External Department Site

Rowan history majors learn from outstanding faculty and study primary sources – documents, diaries and other hard, original evidence. Our faculty specializations include American, European, Latin American, Asian, African, Russian and Islamic history, providing you with the opportunity to develop a broad understanding of history and to specialize in European/Ancient, Global or United States History.

Rowan's proximity to Philadelphia, New York and Washington D.C. affords you outstanding internship opportunities that will deepen your base of knowledge, help you develop contacts and build skills you'll use throughout your careers. Past history internships have included stints with the Battleship New Jersey, Independence National Historical Park, the African American Museum in Philadelphia and the Alice Paul Institute, a non-profit dedicated to the legacy of the women's rights pioneer.

Possible Careers: Foreign service, Campaign consulting, Advertising, Law, Education, Journalism

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

 Human Performance in Clinical Settings Department External Link

Jump start your career in Exercise Science with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Performance in Clinical Settings. Our program will help you develop the knowledge, skills and disposition you need to successfully promote good health, fitness and performance in any setting, whether corporate, hospital or community. Through internships, research and professional development experiences you will build both the skills and the professional network you will need to launch your career.

The program includes training with state-of-the-art technologies such as metabolic testing, electrocardiogram interpretation, hydrostatic weighing and bioelectrical impedance analysis, electromyogram analysis, pulmonary function testing and lactate analysis testing. You can leverage your education to earn national certification through organizations such as the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the National Academy of Sports Medicine or the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Our faculty, who are themselves leaders in professional organizations, are positioned to create opportunities for you as you move on to secure graduate assistantships, leadership opportunities and research opportunities.


Possible Careers: Strength and conditioning specialist, Health fitness specialist, Medical fitness coordinator, Corporate fitness/wellness manager, Exercise physiologist

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

 Human Resources Management Department External Link

In business, the most valuable resource is the human resource. The ability to consistently attract and hire the right people is a quality that makes good organizations great. But human resources is about way more than posting openings and scanning the replies. It's about a wide range of key business functions including recruiting, hiring, training, managing, administering benefits, and overseeing labor relations.

The Human Resource Management major is for those who aspire to lead organizations and manage staffing, hiring, compensation, training and performance appraisals of employees. This major prepares graduates for the HR profession using a blend of classroom, extra- and co-curricular experiences, such as internships and project-based learning assignments.

As a student in the human resource management program, you will enjoy small classrooms and top-notch instruction – a private school education at a public school price. And, unlike at larger schools, you will be encouraged to interact with faculty inside and outside the classroom on issues ranging from coursework to careers. Our faculty will guide you not only in class studies, but also in seeking and landing the kind of internship that often leads to that first, critical job.

Notable Employers

Our graduates have found positions with organizations such as Verizon Wireless, South Jersey Industries, Hay Group, Department of the Navy, Corporate Synergies Group, Amerisource Bergen, American Water, Target, Lockheed Martin, Goldman Sachs, AFLAC, and Amazon.

Possible Careers: Corporate trainer, Human Resources Generalist, Recruiter, Labor Relations, Human Resources Information Systems Administrator

Notable Employers: Lockheed Martin, Target, American Water, Amerisource Bergen, Corporate Synergies Group, Department of the Navy, Hay Group, South Jersey Industries, Verizon Wireless

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Human Services External Site

The field of human services is a growing professional field. There is increasing demand for human service professionals in the field of child, adult, family and community services in various human serve organizations and settings. Human Service professionals work with diverse populations providing a wide variety of social, personal, and health services depending on the need of the individual, group or community. Accordingly, the Human Services degree at Rowan University offers three unique Specialization areas; clinical services, administration and criminal justice. Students also gain valuable experience during their field internship where they get course credit working at local human service organizations. Field internships allows students the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to real life experiences. 

Possible Careers: Case Worker, Social Advocate, Welfare Service Provider, Child Welfare Specialist, Law Enforcement Liaison

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

International Studies External Site

International Studies is an interdisciplinary major designed to prepare you for careers in an increasingly global world. As an International Studies major, you will undertake a rigorous program of study--international politics, economics, geography, languages, history, and cultures--to analyze major issues facing the world community and understand your own society in a broader context. You will also learn how to apply interdisciplinary approaches to global problems and issues and acquire transferable skills in communication, collection and analysis of data, and research. Specializations are available in

  • International Business and Economics
  • Global and Comparative Perspectives
  • Middle East and African Studies
  • Asian Studies
  • European and Russian Studies
  • Latin American and Iberian Studies

International Studies majors will be well-positioned to build careers within a wide range of companies, foundations, and governmental organizations that require an in-depth knowledge of international issues or to continue on to graduate programs in a variety of fields.

Possible Careers: Healthcare, Law, Government, Education, International Business, Social Services, Natural Sciences

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Technology has changed the way news is delivered and that means journalists need new skills. At Rowan, we prepare you for this exciting new era of journalism.

As a Rowan journalism student you'll learn to write for the mass media, anchor a TV news broadcast, build a news blog, create an interactive website and edit like a pro. Our class sizes are small, and coursework is designed to help you become a better multimedia reporter, writer, and editor.

Our faculty members are working journalists with experience in online settings, television, radio, newspapers and magazines.

Journalism majors and minors have access to great internships in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York City. Previous journalism students have interned at NBC10, BBC America, Elle Magazine, O Magazine, The Late Show with David Letterman and Comcast SportsNet.

Possible Careers: Multimedia journalism, Broadcast journalism, Sports journalism, Photojournalism, Editing, Publishing

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

In keeping with the College of Education's overarching focus on the theme of "learning community," our faculty strive to transcend traditional rote forms of learning and model a more collaborative, interactive and intellectually challenging pedagogy, which holds true to the richness and rigor of the academic disciplines they represent. As a teacher candidate, you will experience and participate in just such learning environments within your Subject-Matter Education classes at Rowan. Through this experience, you will develop the commitment, confidence and ability to go into the field. You will be prepared to create K-12 classroom environments in which students work actively with their teachers and with each other to investigate important and meaningful ideas in a given academic discipline.

The B.A. in Education, with Specialization in K-12 Subject-Matter Education has four required strands of study:

  1. General Education courses
  2. Common Education Core courses
  3. Professional Specialization Sequence
  4. Dual major requirements

The B.A. in Education with Specialization in K-12 Subject Matter offers a 4 year program in: Art, English, Health & Physical Education, History, Music: Instrumental, Music: Jazz Studies, and Music: Vocal, and Spanish. 

The combined B.A/M.S.T offers a 5 year program in: English, History, and Spanish.

The combined B.A./M.A. STEM offers a 5 year program in: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics

This last requirement mandates that K-12 Subject-Matter Education Specialization candidates complete major requirements in one of eleven academic disciplines approved by the University for Certification.

Possible Careers: Subject matter elementary teacher, Middle School Teacher, High School Teacher

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Law & Justice Studies External Department Site

As the largest department within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, our long-established Law & Justice program prepares students for careers right out of college or for law or graduate school.

The curricula within Law and Justice Studies were designed to increase students' knowledge of crime and society's response to it while enhancing critical thinking, reasoning, writing, and logic skills. Faculty bring divergent areas of expertise to the classroom while internship opportunities at federal, state, local and private agencies provide students experience and contacts for their critical first job.

Possible Careers: Probation/parole, Police, Paralegal, Fish & Game, Federal drug enforcement, Crime scene investigation

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Liberal Studies External Site

Rowan's Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Sciences provides a well-rounded, liberal education allowing you to focus on multiple areas of study. As a concentrated yet versatile major, it will allow you to create a major tailored to your own interests and goals as you choose courses from two menus of study, either Humanities or Social Science. The customized curricula will encourage you to chart your own major and prepare yourself for a wide range of career options or for graduate school.


Possible Careers: Business, Journalism, Medicine, Law, Government, Social work

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Liberal Studies External Site

If you have a strong interest in promoting literacy, you will want to pair your Elementary or Early Childhood Education with a dual major through the Liberal Studies with a Specialization in Literacy Studies. This specialization combines courses from the Reading and Writing Arts programs with Liberal Studies in English, Mathematics, Science, Geography and Social Studies. Through a heavy focus on English, Writing Arts and Reading, you will gain understanding of the reading and interpretive processes as well as writing processes across genres. You will be prepared to impact the literacy of your young students through a course that helps you (1) understand how literacy develops in children, (2) assess progress and relate instruction to previous experience (3) use variety of methods to teach literacy, (4) provide a range of materials and texts for children to read and (5) tailor instruction to individual students.

The Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Education Department offers two tracks for the Liberal Studies with a Specialization in Literacy Studies at the bachelor's degree level. One is open to Elementary Education majors and another to Early Childhood Education majors. Students must meet University admission requirements and declare the Liberal Studies with a Specialization in Literacy Studies track.

Possible Careers: First, second or third grade teacher, Kindergarten teacher, Preschool teacher, Teacher assistant, Day Care Lead Teacher, Head Start Lead Teacher, Entrepreneurial Child Care Business

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

 Management Department External Link

As a graduate of Rowan's Bachelor of Science in Management program, you will gain the foundation for career growth you will need to attain the management position you want. Our program provides a solid foundation in both traditional and innovative management that will prepare you to lead, supervise, communicate clearly and to analyze and solve organizational problems. You will learn through traditional classroom instruction, simulations, internships and lectures by management practitioners. Our academic advisors will help you structure the program to meet your individual goals.

Notable Employers

Our graduates have found employment with organizations such as American Airlines, Subaru, Sodexho, Sherwin Williams, Marriott, Allstate, Ceva Logistics, Defense Logistics Agency, Enterprise Holdings, Fastenal, Freedom Mortgage, Six Flags, Target and TD Bank.

Possible Careers: Business to Business Sales Manager, Business Analyst, Contract Administrator, Management and Leadership Rotational Career Programs, Sales

Notable Employers: US Airways, Subaru, Sodexho, Sherwin Williams, Marriott, Allstate, Ceva Logistics, Defense Logistics Agency, Enterprise Holdings, Inc., Fastenal, Target, TD Bank

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

 Management Information Systems Department External Link

The Management Information Systems (MIS) program will teach you how to harness cutting-edge information technology to analyze business problems and create solutions. You will learn to design, develop, implement and maintain technical solutions that will meet the business challenges and opportunities of the future.

Our MIS Program is one of only a handful of programs that is accredited by both AACSB International and the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET.

Notable Employers

Our graduates have found positions with organizations such as Campbell Soup, New York Life, Accenture, ARI, AT&T Wireless, Beyond.com, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Computer Sciences Corporation, Datek Online, Electronic Data Systems, General Services Administration, IBM, New Jersey State Department of the Treasury,  Prudential, Towers Perrin, Unisys, Comcast, SAP America Inc., TD Bank, JP Morgan Chase, and Lockheed Martin.

Possible Careers: Business Analyst, Network and Systems Administrators, Systems Analysts, Database administrator, Web Developer, Technical Consultant

Notable Employers: Lockheed Martin, TD Bank, Comcast, Unisys, Towers Perrin, Prudential, New Jersey State Department of the Treasury, IBM, General Services Administration, Electronic Data Systems, Datek Online, Computer Sciences Corporation, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Beyond.com, AT&T Wireless, Accenture, New York Life, Campbell Soup

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

 Marketing Department External Link

As a Marketing major, you will be prepared for marketing careers in a rapidly changing business, social, and political environment. Our program will offer you a full understanding of the functions of business organizations and prepare you to contribute to all aspects of marketing. You will learn the application of “The Four Ps” – product, price, promotion and place –across different areas of marketing within a global and socially responsible framework. You will have the opportunity to gain real-world experience through supervised internships and class projects that focus on the development of marketing plans for South Jersey firms. Our award-winning chapter of the American Marketing Association will enable you to build leadership experience, organizational skills and your own professional network.

Notable Employers

Our graduates have found employment with organizations such as Toys R Us, CVS Caremark, Conde Nast Publications, University of Pennsylvania, Nestle, Astra Zeneca, Pepsi Co, ARAMARK, BASF USA, Stryker, Philadelphia Orchestra, Verizon Wireless, Enterprise Holdings, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Target.

Possible Careers: Event Marketing/Event Planning, Buyer/Merchandising, Brand Manager, Sports Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Health Care Marketing, Account executive, E-commerce, Market research, Sales, Retail, Advertising/Promotion, Product Manager

Notable Employers: Target, Enterprise Holdings, Inc., Verizon Wireless, Philadelphia Orchestra, Stryker, ARAMARK, Pepsi Co, Astra Zeneca, Nestle, University of Pennsylvania, Conde Nast Publications, CVS Caremark, Toys R Us

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts

 Mathematics Department External Link

Rowan's versatile mathematics program serves a variety of career goals, from education to business. Whether your interests lie in teaching, graduate study, business or an array of other fields, Rowan's math program could be for you. The Mathematics Department offers a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Science degree and a five-year dual B.S./M.A. degree. All of our programs combine courses in theory with applied mathematics that integrate instruction and problem solving with technology. Our faculty conduct research in advanced algebra, analysis, statistics, applied mathematics and mathematics education.


Possible Careers: Education, Actuarial science, Finance, Industry, Operations research, Statistics

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

As members of the broadest of all engineering fields, mechanical engineers leave their fingerprints on practically everything people use. For example, consider the automobile: mechanical engineers study the aerodynamics to design the exterior, understand combustion and fluid mechanics to develop the engine systems, conduct simulations on vehicle dynamics to optimize the drive train, appreciate the material requirements to mass-produce a reliable vehicle and are keenly aware of potential dangers to design safety systems. Similarly, mechanical engineers affect design at every level of energy production systems, environmental control systems, industrial automation or robotics, transportation systems and biological systems. To prepare you for such a wide variety of applications we focus attention toward the key steps that make any product or a system successful. You will learn to base your design on engineering fundamentals, analyze your ideas using industry standard tools, build prototypes to appreciate the challenge of fabrication and finally test your designs for performance. This 'Design, Analyze, Build, and Test' philosophy will be the foundation of your career, making you well-suited for industrial jobs, governmental positions or as a student/researcher in graduate school.

Notable Employers

Our graduates have found positions with John Deere, General Motors, DuPont, Vermeer Industries and NAVAIR/NAVSEA.

Possible Careers: Nanotechnology, Sustainable Energy Engineering, Power Generation Engineering, Maritime Engineering, Industrial Automation, Robotics Design, Manufacturing, Biomedical Design, Mechanical Design

Notable Employers: NAVAIR/NAVSEA, Vermeer Industries, DuPont, General Motors, John Deere

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Modern Languages & Linguistics External Site

The interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages & Linguistics will prepare you for a vast range of careers, including within the fields of interpretation and translation, government, entertainment, industry, travel and tourism, and education. The major will enrich your worldview and prepare you to communicate and interact with large populations of speakers coming from different cultural and ideological backgrounds. In addition to the Major in Modern Languages & Linguistics, we offer a Spanish language major, minors in Spanish, French, German Studies, and Romance Languages, and six Certificates of Undergraduate Study (CUGS) in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.

Possible Careers: Service and Education, Interpretation and Translation, Government, Travel and tourism, Entertainment

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Music is a solid liberal arts program for those who love music but are looking for a career outside of performing or teaching. Whatever your goal, you'll work with the best in the field and grow in perception, interpretation, self-discipline and creativity. You'll combine a broad academic background with musical training for further study in such fields as musicology, music criticism, music therapy or other music-related careers. Career options with a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Rowan are plentiful. The degree prepares students for entrance to the working world directly or for graduate studies.

Applicants must audition for the department for acceptance into the program.

Possible Careers: Arts Management, Music Theorist, Music Critic, Film/TV music editor, Instrumental sales rep, Music therapist, Musicologist

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Music

Rowan's Bachelor of Music in Composition is all about theory and creativity – learning to do what you love but doing it better. As a Music Composition major you'll expand your approach, style and point of view as a composer. The major emphasizes an individual approach to creative work, exploring avenues of awareness, and nurturing your stylistic voice. With more than 20 ensembles and an extensive music library, Rowan offers an ideal environment for serious students of music. Career options with a Bachelor of Music in Composition from Rowan are plentiful. The degree prepares students for direct entrance to the marketplace or for graduate studies.

Applicants must audition for the department for acceptance into the program.


Possible Careers: Film/TV music editor, Instrumental sales rep, Composer/arranger, Musicologist, Music Critic, Music Theorist

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Music

Changes in state licensing requirements now enable education majors to enroll in the Subject Matter Education program and earn two degrees simultaneously: a bachelor’s in a subject area such as music and a bachelor’s in education. The Music Education option requires that you specialize in one of three music areas: performance, composition or Jazz studies. Upon graduation you will be qualified to teach at any level from Kindergarten through grade 12.

Applicants must audition for the department for acceptance into the program.

Possible Careers: Elementary School General Music Teacher, Middle School General Music Teacher, Middle School Choral Teacher, Middle School Instrumental Teacher, High School Choral Teacher, High School Instrumental Teacher

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

Music Industry - Music Business Specialization

The Bachelor of Science in Music Industry program’s Music Business specialization is an innovative, career-oriented program geared toward those who plan to work in the music industry in a variety of careers. Whether your goal is to become a manager, booking agent, marketer, or entrepreneur, among many other options, you'll gain valuable hands-on experience and connections in a program that combines practical skills and a strong academic background with business skills and insider knowledge of the industry. Through projects, coursework, and internships, you’ll gain a solid grasp of how the music business operates, network with industry professionals, and solidify your skill sets. The curriculum includes running an in-house record label, artist management, publishing, live event bookings and promotion, music production, social media, marketing, and entrepreneurship. The degree prepares students for entrance to the working world directly, through employment or entrepreneurship, as well as providing a path for entering the Rowan University BS/MBA program.

Music Industry - Music Technology Specialization

The Bachelor of Science in Music Industry program’s Music Technology Specialization is an innovative, career-oriented program geared toward those who plan to work in the recording industry. You'll gain valuable hands-on experience and connections in a program that combines up-to-the-minute technical skills and a strong academic background with business know-how and an insider understanding of the industry. You’ll also have access to Rowan University’s brand-new recording studios and a music computer lab with the latest software used by industry professionals. Through projects, coursework, and internships, you’ll gain a solid grasp of how the music business operates, network with industry professionals, and solidify your skill sets. The curriculum includes producing music, recording, mixing, mastering, game audio, music business, audio for video, post-production sound, live sound reinforcement, synthesis, sampling, and remixing. The degree prepares students for entrance to the working world directly, through employment or entrepreneurship, as well as providing a path for entering the Rowan University BS/MBA program.

No audition is required for acceptance into the program.


Possible Careers: Post-Production Sound Engineer, Booking Agent, Sound Engineer, Touring Manager, Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Record Producer, Artist Manager, Label Owner, Music Publisher, Recording Artist, Composer for TV

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Music

Enter the Bachelor of Music in Jazz program at Rowan and prepare to be inspired, challenged, and, dare we say it, jazzed to become a serious jazz artist! Our faculty members are professional performers and recording artists dedicated to preserving and passing on this unique American art form. You'll have plenty of chances to perform with the many small and large jazz ensembles at Rowan and to study both individually and in small groups. The Maynard Ferguson Institute of Jazz Studies, named for the famed composer and trumpeter, is housed within the department and supports its works.

Applicants must audition for the department for acceptance into the program.

Possible Careers: Film/TV music editor, Composer/arranger, Performer, Teacher

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Music

Whether you're a talented singer or an accomplished instrumentalist, Rowan's Bachelor of Music in Performance offers a place to nurture and develop your talent. The vocal music faculty provides individualized and group instruction in applied voice and vocal literature. Instrumentalists study privately with specialists in addition to classes on broader themes and styles. You'll learn about the history of music and musical styles along with the techniques needed to be a professional performer!

Applicants must audition for the department for acceptance into the program.

Possible Careers: Music Critic, Arts Management, Instrumental sales rep, Teacher, Performer, Composer/arranger, Film/TV music editor

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

 Nursing RN-BSN Department External Link

If you are currently an RN who is looking for a BSN program that works with your busy professional or personal life, look into the the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) at Rowan. The BSN program, which is offered by the Rowan University School of Health Professions and administered through Rowan Global Learning & Partnerships, prepares registered nurses for advancement opportunities in the ever-expanding field of nursing. Not only will the BSN augment your nursing knowledge base and enhance your career, but the six graduate credits included in the program can launch you on the path to a Master of Science in Nursing degree.

This part-time program is designed for flexibility through a combination of online and hybrid courses. Three courses are hybrid (have required face-to-face meetings and some online work) and six are fully online. Courses are scheduled in eight or 14 week modules. If you have graduated with a Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) associate degree or diploma program, upon matriculation into the program you will be awarded 30 nursing credits for all pre-licensure nursing courses.


Possible Careers: Nursing, Nurse Health Coach, Nurse Educator, Life Care Planner

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

 Nutrition Department External Link

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Nutrition features two specializations for students: Exercise Science and Dietetics. Both specializations share a common core, but each has its own unique specialization requirements.

The B.S. in Nutrition with an Exercise Science specialization will prepare you to work as a nutrition educator, counselor and exercise specialist. You will be prepared in two essential areas of expertise to help you serve clients in hospital, work site, community and school-based wellness and fitness programs. Choose the Exercise Science specialization if you want to study nutrition and graduate with an employable degree in the fitness profession. This degree will also prepare you to enter graduate programs in several health-related fields, (i.e. public health, nutrition, and health promotion/wellness).

The B.S. in Nutrition with a specialization in Dietetics provides you with a springboard into the Master of Science (M.S.) in Nutrition and Dietetics. This program is designed to meet the changing criteria of the national accrediting and credentialing agencies in nutrition and dietetics, which, in 2024, will require the master’s degree for those wanting to sit for the registered dietitian certification exam.

Both programs are designed to allow students an accelerated path to a master’s degree and to certification as a registered dietitian.

Possible Careers: Dietitian, Exercise specialist, Counselors, Educators

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Philosophy & Religion Studies External Department Site

Providing a classic liberal arts education, Philosophy and Religion is a thorough, rigorous program that promotes lifelong learning, helps develop critical reasoning skills and provides crucial tools for decision-making. Through required specializations in either Philosophy or Religion, the program offers options for those interested in pre-law, pre-business, pre-ministry, government, politics and other career choices.

Possible Careers: Publishing/writing, Government, Law, Medicine, Journalism, Business

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts

 Physics Department External Link

If you are interested in physics or astronomy, Rowan's Department of Physics & Astronomy offers both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in physics and provides a concentration in astronomy. As part of the program, you may perform research with faculty in a variety of areas, including materials physics, condensed matter physics, theoretical physics, biomedical physics, astronomy and planetary science. Your studies may take you into specialized physics facilities such as the magnetics lab, physical properties lab, thin film fabrication lab, microscopy lab, ultrafast spectroscopy lab, laser cooling lab, computational physics lab or astrophysics & planetary science research lab.

A Bachelor of Science degree in Physics will prepare you for graduate studies in physics, astronomy or a host of engineering programs. If you want, you will also be ready to move directly into a technical career. The Bachelor of Arts degree is good preparation for technically-oriented careers, post-bac studies, or a career in high school education.

Possible Careers: Energy & Sustainability, Programming & Game Design, Education, Engineering, Environmental studies, Transportation

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

A Bachelor of Science in Community & Environmental Planning will prepare you for positions in government agencies, private companies, planning departments or engineering firms, but you can also use it to launch your graduate studies. As part of the program, you will discover both the diversity of the profession and appreciate its broader purpose. Research opportunities and studio credits will deepen your classroom experience. Rowan's program has a special focus on sustainable community design, land conservation, and the specific planning practices and challenges of the region.

Possible Careers: Planning, Government, Engineering, Environmental science, Software design/development

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Political Science External Department Site

A degree in Political Science provides a rigorous liberal arts education that can carry you into a career in law, government, non-profit organizations and graduate education. Political science includes a wide array of fields of study and methodological approaches in the study of politics and government of all countries and regions of the world. You can choose specializations within political science at Rowan including American politics and government, state and local government, political theory and ideology, public policy and administration, comparative politics and political economy and international relations. Rowan’s Political Science program offers a well-established internship program and a unique ability to specialization in public policy in depth.

Possible Careers: Non-profit, Government, Intelligence, Research, Law, Public policy, Education, Political campaigning

Degree Earned: No Degree

 Pre-Med & Health Professions Department External Link

If you are looking for entrance into the world of health professions, there is no better path than through the Pre-Med and Health Professions program at Rowan University. The comprehensive framework of this program is designed specifically for students trying satisfy the minimum course requirements for future graduate level programs (including medicine and dentistry) and to be positioned for the pursuit of a highly demanding, yet highly rewarding field. It is important to note the participation in this program does not mean students will lose their ability to major in a different area of interest. Medical, dental, and other health professional programs do not require a specific major. Therefore, students have the ability to declare a major in any area of interest, while concurrently engaging in this preparatory non-degree program. 

So why look to Rowan University for your Pre-Med & Health Profession program? Rowan University includes the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, the Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine, and transfer of credit partnerships (i.e. “Articulation Agreements”) with over 14 medical schools spanning the following fields: Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, Veterinary Medicine, Podiatric Medicine,  Radiation Therapy & Cardiac Perfusion, and Toxicology. This means students have the unusual opportunity to take advantage of various programs and partnerships which could make admissions into these graduate level programs that much more accessible. 

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

 Psychological Science Department External Link

The Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science is for you if you are interested in pursuing research-oriented careers that may require graduate level training such as experimental psychology (e.g., human factors, neuroscience, social and personality, quantitative), clinical psychology, and the medical field (e.g., psychiatry, nursing). This degree will require additional psychology coursework and hands-on experience in research methods and statistics. You will emerge from this program prepared for competitive research-oriented graduate training and careers.

Possible Careers: Human Services, Communications, Business, Education, Health, Government, Engineering, Design, Faculty & Research Positions, Law & Public Policy

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

 Psychology Department External Link

Our Psychology major immerses students in the diverse fields of modern psychology with an emphasis on the scientific study of behavior and cognitive processes. Coursework in such areas as the biological basis of behavior, lifespan development, abnormal psychology, cognition, learning, social interactions, statistics, and research methods develop an emphasis on critical thinking, a scientific approach to understanding behavior, effective communication and quantitative skills. All Psychology students take the Psychology as a Profession and Practice course, which provides background information about careers in psychology and psychology related fields, as well as skills for future job acquisition.

As a student in our program, you have the opportunity to build real-world experience and connections through field experiences in a number of settings including drug/alcohol treatment facilities, human services agencies, human resources departments, residential facilities for individuals with developmental disabilities, and correctional facilities. Our Independent Study program also offers you hands-on experience conceptualizing and conducting research. This popular major is in high demand among our students because the skill set provided and areas of study are generalizable to many different careers. If you plan on seeking certification as a Board Certified assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA), we also offer a Specialization in Behavioral Services for Children and Their Families.

Notable Employers

Our graduates have found employment with organizations such as Bancroft; Y.A.L.E. Schools; ABC Consultants, LLC; Local School Districts; Brett DiNovi and Associates, LLC; Melmark and CNNH.

Possible Careers: Research, Human Services, Counseling, Human resources, Health Professions, School Psychology

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Public relations starts with critical thinking and writing. Practitioners use their talent to manage an organization’s reputation and to tell its story to important audiences. Rowan has one of the oldest and most celebrated public relations programs in the country. The program holds the Certified Educator in Public Relations credential from the Public Relations Society of America, one of only 30 programs worldwide to do so. Classroom instruction simulates real-world PR challenges as you work with real clients, participate in problem-solving competitions and make panel presentations. Our program is a rigorous learning experience in which students study with seasoned professionals and practice their skills in a variety of forums, from internships to working in Rowan’s celebrated chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America. The chapter, which competes against chapters from much larger colleges and universities, has been named outstanding chapter in the nation eight times, more than any other chapter, and has won more than 200 national awards.

Possible Careers: Account supervision, Event coordination, Newsletter/e-newsletter editing, Media relations management, Speech writing and marketing support

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Want to be the next Special Effects Coordinator for Game of Thrones? How about VP of Programming for the SyFy Channel? Maybe an Emmy Award-winning producer for NFL Films, ESPN, MLB, CNN, Animal Planet, Saturday Night Live, MTV, or Comcast Sports? Or executive producer of The Ellen DeGeneres Show? Guess what? All of these industry folks are graduates of Rowan's Radio/TV/Film program. They are part of our alumni network of media professionals who continue to excel with their Rowan degrees.

We have been preparing students for media-based careers since 1976. Our Radio Television and Film students learn the fundamentals of media production and the history and business of media. Hundreds of our graduates work at TV and radio stations throughout the Philadelphia and New York markets as well as across the U.S. In addition to the traditional areas of radio, television, and film production, we offer concentrations in New Media and Audio Recording. As part of the program you will choose a specialization in either Production (emphasizing media writing and production skills) or Critical Studies (emphasizing writing and research skills).

Join us for an exciting production and media studies experience. Our faculty do what they teach and have a passion for preparing students for the now and the future.

Possible Careers: Film and television production, Radio production, Media industry management and sales, Media related writing and research

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Sociology & Anthropology External Department Site

If you really want to understand the world around you – and make a difference in it – consider Rowan's Department of Sociology and Anthropology. Using empirical data, Rowan students of Sociology and Anthropology study factors that affect and shape cultures and societies. Through a combination of classroom study, the field experience seminar and internships, you will develop and practice critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills that will serve you well for a lifetime.

Possible Careers: Business, Education, Government, Social work, Forensic anthropology, Resource management

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Spanish External Department Site

A Bachelor of Arts in Spanish through the Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures prepares you for a vast range of careers and experiences. The major trains you to think and write analytically, enriches your world view and prepares you to use the language practically in a wide variety of careers, including teaching, translation and interpretation, business, communications, law and medicine. In addition to the Spanish language major, Rowan offers minors in Spanish, French, German Studies, and Romance Languages. We also offer coursework in Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Japanese and Latin.

Notable Employers

Our graduates have found employment with Telemundo and Univision.

Possible Careers: Communications, Travel and tourism, Psychology and Social Services, Government, Education, Medicine, Business

Notable Employers: Telemundo, Univision

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

A new major, we first welcomed students into our newly created Sports Communication and Media interdisciplinary program Fall 2018. This major is for students interested in the coverage, promotion, broadcasting and language of contemporary sport. All majors complete the program's core courses and choose a concentration in either communication studies, journalism, public relations and advertising, or radio/TV/film production. 

The program provides graduates with skills that allow them immediate entry into professional sports-related employment, as well as preparation for graduate school in the areas of public relations, advertising, communication studies, film, journalism, radio and TV.

Possible Careers: Sports Reporter, Sports Agent, Team/Brand Ambassador, On-Air Sports Producer, Sports Scholar

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

 Supply Chain and Logistics Department External Link

The Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain and Logistics major is an interdisciplinary program that incorporates components of accounting, management, management information systems, and marketing in order to prepare students for this rapidly expanding field by training them to understand the systems, costs, and tools used to manage domestic and international supply chains.

The primary focus of the program is on areas of global supply chain management, transportation, logistics, warehouse operations, demand planning and forecasting, inventory management, and manufacturing and procurement processes. 

Notable Employers

Our graduates have found positions with organizations such as Ceva Logistics, Graphic Packaging International, Jefferson Health, The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Jet.com, Lockheed Martin, Subaru, and Hamburg Sud NA.

Possible Careers: Purchasing, Warehousing, Operations, Inventory Management, Logistics Manager

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

The National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST) has accredited the Department of Theatre and Dance since 2005. It has been nationally recognized for high quality main stage production seasons and serves a vital educational role within the academic community. Through the leadership of highly qualified, professionally experienced, full time faculty members, students experience close, collaborative artistic mentorship and have ample opportunities to develop and practice relevant cross-disciplinary performance skills. The department offers a movement driven focus where course work within the major is taught by both theatre and dance faculty. Our unique identity and reputation continues to steadily grow through dynamic partnerships with professional theatres and high schools, innovative programming on the main stage, and in touring programs in the region. Students graduate with the practical knowledge, theatre skills, and interdisciplinary experiences that prepare them for dynamic careers in theatre, graduate study, and related fields.

If you want to perform, direct, design, teach or manage things behind the scenes, Rowan’s Bachelor of Arts in Theatre at Rowan is geared toward the professional theatre and dance world, offering four distinct tracks: Acting, Design/Tech, Musical Theatre, or Pre-Teaching. You'll have plenty of chances to practice your craft with at least ten events each year, ranging from diverse main stage productions to student-directed and choreographed work to independent endeavors. Rowan's proximity to Philadelphia and New York also gives you opportunities for internships and chances to see and be involved with the professional theatre scene.

Notable Employers

Our graduates have found positions with organizations such as The Suzanne Roberts Theatre Company,  Interact Theatre Company,  Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival,  Delaware Theatre Company, Brat Productions,  EgoPo Theatre Company,  Theatre Exile,  Prince Music Theatre,  Bristol Riverside,  Surflight Theatre Company,  Renegade Theatre Company,  The Wilma Theatre,  The Arden Theatre, Walnut Street Theatre as well as Various Commercial Theatres in NYC, Washington DC, and Balitimor

Possible Careers: Sound Designer, Technical Director, Lighting Designer, Television industry, Arts adminstration, Voice-over artist, Theatre critic, Director, Dancer, Costume designer, Casting director, Actor, Agent, The advertising industry, The film industry, Theatre instructor

Notable Employers: EgoPo Theatre Company, Interact Theatre Company, The Suzanne Roberts Theatre Company, Theme Park Entertainment, Brat Productions, Delaware Theatre Company, Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival, Bristol Riverside, arious Commercial Theatres in NYC, Washington DC, and Balitimore, Theatre Exile, Prince Music Theatre, Surflight Theatre Company, Renegade Theatre Company, The Wilma Theatre, The Arden Theatre, Walnut Street Theatre

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Rowan’s extraordinary Acting program includes rigorous training in movement, voice, script analysis, psychological acting, directing and literature.  Rowan’s program has the most advanced movement training in the country with a focus on Viewpoints with master teacher, Professor Lane Savadove.  This movement work is done in conjunction with cutting-edge vocal work including Linklater, Fitzmaurice and Roy Hart techniques.  Rowan is a unique program that fuses voice and physical work with psychological acting based in original Stanislavsky teachings.

Rowan’s Acting program is also exceptional in our integrated study of dance and music.  No matter what your background, you will focus heavily on dance and singing in order to become a multi-disciplinary, diverse, independent artist.  Our Acting program graduates become hard-working, resourceful and collaborative artists and are currently working all over the country in a wide array of positions, especially in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago and LA.

Like all of our theatre programs, the Acting program is highly competitive and acceptance is by audition only.

Possible Careers: Professional Actor or Theater Company Member, Teaching Artist, Theater Director or Producer

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Rowan’s remarkable Design/Tech Theater concentration will provide you with unprecedented hands-on experience in all areas of theater production.  The program provides the unparalleled personal mentorship of full-time faculty and unlimited opportunities for  practical work on stage and in the professional world.

Students will eventually specialize in 1-2 theatre design or technical areas but all students will intensively study set, light, costume and sound design along with stage management, technical theater, carpentry, and electrics.  You will be challenged to work in as many areas as possible and to combine your class experience with significant stage work on both our student-produced company and on our mainstage.  You even have the opportunity to design on our mainstage while still a student!

Like all of our theater programs the Acting program is highly competitive and acceptance is by portfolio review only.

Possible Careers: Theatrical Designer, Stage Manager, Production Manager, Technical Director

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Rowan’s exceptional Musical Theater concentration provides remarkable training for students looking for a life as a performing in the professional world.  Rowan’s program is designed for students looking to become leaders in their profession who want to explore the boundaries and future potential of the American musical.  Students will study under Dr. Christopher Roche, who in addition to being a successful EQUITY musical theater actor, works in the fields of devising, acting and physical theater.  Our Musical Theater students become multi-disciplinary, multi-talented performers and creators.

Unlike many Musical Theater programs, you will develop skills in all aspects of performance, including significant course work that overlaps with our Dance, Acting, and Design/Tech majors.  As a result, you will become a well-rounded theater artist, not just a cog in a chorus.  You will take courses in Acting, Script Analysis, Movement, Dance, Improvisation, Literature, Musical Theater History and much more.  And you will focus on intensive singing with private voice lessons each and every semester.

Like all of our theater programs the Acting program is highly competitive and acceptance is by audition only.

Possible Careers: Theater Director or Producer, Teaching Artist, Professional Actor or Theater Company Member,

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Our comprehensive, multi-disciplinary Pre-Teaching concentration prepares you for a challenging career as a K-12 theater educator.  It is usually used as the first step towards our unique 5-year M.S.T. (Master in Science of Teaching) graduate-level certification program that qualifies you to teach at either the elementary, middle or high school level.  This degree is offered in conjunction with our award-winning College of Education.

You will take a wide array of courses that you can customize along with all of our core theater and dance classes.  You might specialize in acting, directing, history, production, voice or movement. Our students consistently earn placement as theatre teachers in New Jersey and throughout the country immediately upon graduation.  We place more high schools teacher in NJ than any other school.

Like all of our theater programs, the pre-teaching program is highly competitive and acceptance is by audition only.

Possible Careers: K-12 Theater teacher, Teaching Artist, Head of Education at Professional Theater, Performer/Producer of Theatre for Youth

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science

 Translational Biomedical Sciences Department External Link

Joining the fast-growing biomedical workforce requires diverse training in mathematics, statistics, the life sciences and the physical sciences. The Bachelor of Science in Translational Biomedical Sciences effectively integrates these disciplines to facilitate acquisition of a broad knowledge base and skill set. This major will prepare you to pursue a medical professional degree (M.D., D.O., P.A., etc.), an advanced biomedical research degree or to seek immediate employment.

Possible Careers: Biotechnology, Medicine, Biomedical Research, Pharmaceutical Science

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Write here, write now!

Studying writing arts increases your understanding of the multiple facets of written communication. Through a variety of courses and learning experiences in creative, academic, new media and applied writing, you will learn to become flexible, adaptable writer, ready to bring advanced writing, reading and critical thinking skills to the workplace.

Our multiple programs include:

  • 34-credit major, which can also serve as a dual major for Elementary or Early Childhood Education
  • 22-credit minor
  • 22-credit Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Science option
  • An accelerated, five-year BA in Writing Arts/MA in Writing. Applications accepted for entering freshmen or juniors.

You will choose a specialization in either Creative Writing, Technical and Professional Writing, or New Media Writing and Publishing. As one of the few independent writing departments in the U.S., Writing Arts is uniquely positioned to help you learn to communicate effectively within our dynamic culture. As the only department in the country with the name Writing Arts, our name reflects our uniqueness.

Possible Careers: Law, News editor, News writer, Publishing, Public relations, New media writing