New Page Quick Reference


New Page Quick Reference

The following items are available when you create or edit a new page.

General page items

Field Name Description
Page Name (required) The name the page will have in the Site Content tree. This will also be used as the final part of the URL when published. Keep this in lower case and do not use special characters other than a dash.
Placement Folder (required) Browse to where you would like to store your page. This will auto fill with the last location you were within the site. You can modify it by clicking on the folder icon and browsing for a different location within the site.
Display Name This item defines the text appearing in your browser tab, You can also use this to provide a shortened label for the breadcrumbs that appear at the tops of your content.
Title (required)

The title will be used to display on the web browser and in your navigation. It is important to make the Title as descriptive as possible for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes.

Display Navigation Radio option: Yes or No; This turns off and on the navigation on the left side of the page
Include in Left Navigation Radio option: Yes or No; Use this to indicate whether this new page should appear in your navigation or not. Say Yes and it will appear in the list of items on your left hand navigation.
Banner  Includes Image File and Alternative Text below
Image File Use this field to select a banner image for display at the top of the page above the main content area
Alternative Text Enter alternative text to describe the Banner Image. Providing accurate Alternative Text is an important step in complying with Accessibility standards and making your website friendly to all users.
Main Content The Main Content area includes the items "Heading" and "Content."
This is where you fill in the actual content for the page.
Heading This field is extra. It adds a level2 heading at the top of your page. (You can also achieve this by adding a level two heading in your body content below).
Content Here is where you add the actual content for your page. It offers a basic WYSIWYG editor you can use to format your text. It includes the basic tools for Bold, Italics, Linking, and Media embeds.
Add Features Add Feature is a smart field. If checked additional fields will be displayed for additional feature content entry.

 Add Features Quick Guide

Field Name Description
Rows of Features Use these controls to make featured content sections below the main content area of the page. Can be expanded/Collapsed using the arrow.
Feature Size Use the radio buttons to choose Feature boxes that take up either one-third or one-half of the row on the page. Note: choosing _ will result in larger feature boxes.
Feature Style Radio option: Standard or Full Background. Allows users to choose between “Standard” features, which include an image and a link to more information and are limited in height or a “Full Background” style, which creates columns of free form text.