Adding a file


Adding a file

Note: you should use this process to overwrite documents that you are updating. An overwritten document will no longer be accessible through old links and search engines. To overwrite simply open the old document from the content tree and choose edit. Browse to your updated file and Cascade will automatically over write your old file with the new one. The file name will remain the same in Cascade so no links will broken.

Use the "New File" asset factory to upload document files such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel or PDF. All new Files will be stored within the _docs folder of the site so you can find them when creating new links to them.

From the New Content dropdown or the New Content Widget, select "File." You only need to do two things here:

Give the file a "Title." Cascade CMS will rename your file with a version of this title so keep it short, simple and informative. Spaces are ok (Cascade will replace them with hyphens in the file name) but don't use special characters-- not even periods.

Either drag a file into the box or browse to a new document.

Be sure to submit and publish this file before linking to it from your pages! If you want to include a file in your navigation, you can do so by creating a reference.