Adding a page banner


Adding a page banner

If you do not already have the image for your banner uploaded, you need to do that using the "Banner Image" asset factory. Once you have that you will then edit your page to add the banner.

Banner images should be horizontally oriented (longer than they are tall). A good size will be 860px long by 374px tall. It will be easier if you take a moment and create your image in PhotoShop (available on the Rowan Cloud) before you upload it. However, there are very limited image editing tools inside the Cascade CMS.

Upload a new banner image

Use the "Banner Image" item to place your banner image in the “banner” folder inside the “_images” folder on your site so you can find them when you want to add them to a page. To add a new Banner image, start at either the New Content dropdown or the New Content Widget.

  1. Select "Banner Image" from the list.
  2. Give your file a name (no spaces, no special characters).
  3. Either drag and drop a file from your computer into the box or click the "browse" link to find your banner image on your disk drive.
  4. Edit your image if needed.
  5. As always click "Save & Preview" when you are finished.
  6. As always, be sure to "submit" the asset.


Adding the banner to your page

Now that you have the banner image inside the Cascade CMS you can add it to your page.

  1. Open the page your page in edit mode.
  2. Find the picture for the banner image and click in the "choose file." If you just uploaded your image you shouuld see it there, if not you should browse to find it by going back to the top folder and then into the "_images" folder and then the "banners" folder.
  3. Click the "choose" button and you are finished.
  4. Save & preview the page and if all worked the way you expected be sure to click the "submit" button.