Editing text


Editing text

Note: If Cascade gives you an error when you try submitting a page, it is usually because you have inadvertently added some bad characters while copying and pasting from another editor. Follow these instructions to fix the problem

Pasting preformated text into the text editor

You can copy and paste text from a word processing software such as MS Word, but you should clean all formatting from that text so that you do not inadvertantly copy characters in that can't be understood on the web or by the Cascade CMS. To do this, copy your text from Word or other document then choose "Edit" from the top menu of the editor and then "Paste Text."

Then reformat using the tools in the editor that are listed below.

The text editor in Cascade CMS

The body content editor in Cascade CMS is much like any lightweight editing tool you might find on the web. From it you can make your content more accessible to readers by using bulleted and numbered lists, structuring your document with section headings, emphasizing words and adding illustrative images. Your text editing tools will appear in a tool bar at top of the content editing area.

Note: Headings also help people using screen readers to skim main topics the way sighted people do.

Use headings for headings

Google uses page headings to establish the importance of some text on your page so it helps google if you use a "heading" in HTML to indicate your headings on a page.

Put your cursor down on your heading text and choose the appropriate heading from the "format" list:

Be careful to choose a heading that makes sense in the heirarchy of the page. Don't simeply choose a heading to get a different font size.

Basic Formatting Options

Line breaks vs section/block breaks

If you hit your enter or return key you will start a new paragraph (or heading) with a space after the paragraph above. If you just want a line break instead of a full new paragraph, hold down your shift key while pressing enter/return.

For instance, if you want to build a heading on two lines, you would use a line break to maintain the same heading while adding a line of text.

The tool bar

The following buttons can be utilized to format content. Highlight the content then select the appropriate formatting option.

From left to right: bold, italicize, underline, left align, center, right align, and justify

From left to right: unordered list, ordered (numbered) list, decrease indent, increase indent

Note: You can also run a spell check when you submit your page.

Spell Check

The WYSIWYG editor also lets you run a spell check while editing. Choose "Tools" from the menu and then "Spellcheck." You can right click and correct mistakes or add a word to your dictionary.

Full-screen Editing

Feeling cramped? Click on the full screen button to expand your editing area.

To return the editor to its normal window, click the icon again.

Save, Submit, Publish

When you are finished editing, save and submit this page. Check it in Cascade to see if all is well If all is well, then publish it.