Cascade Basics


Cascade Basics

About Cascade CMS

Cascade CMS (Content Management System) is a robust tool you will use to manage your website content.  You can use it to add new pages, edit the content of pages and make changes to your site navigation and structure.

Cascade functions:

  • As web editing software (much like Contribute), where you work on your pages and then "publish" the results to the live web site.
  • As a site managment tool by tracking links between your pages and allowing site-wide changes to your navigation.
  • As a nexus for collaboration. Because everyone shares the same Cascade CMS, it allows for a more collaborative process.

The advantages are huge. In Cascade CMS you:

  • Can make changes to your site navigation or "tabs" yourself without waiting for help from Web Services.
  • Will never wait again for Contribute to load in Citrix.
  • Never lose your work. Cascade CMS will auto-save as you edit.
  • Have nearly infinite rollbacks to older versions of your work. 
  • Can tell who changed content and when it was changed.
  • Can access Integrated collaboration tools such as task assignmnets and threaded commenting.

Three stages to editing and publishing content.

Before you begin editing using the Cascade CMS, you need to be aware of how it behaves when editing and publishing your pages. Basically, there are three stages to content creation and editing and with each stage your work is more visible to others:

Content stage Where is it? Who can see your work?
Edit/Create/Save Cascade CMS server You    
After Submitting Cascade CMS server You Others in your group  
After Publishing Web server and
Cascade CMS server
You Others in your group the world

Note: All content that has been submitted will automatically be published every Monday morning. See more information on how to withhold incomplete, but submitted content on the section on publication.

We go into submitting and publishing in depth elsewhere, but you should be aware that at each step in this process your changes are visible to a wider audience.

This means that while you work on a page it is visible only to you. Cascade will auto save a draft so you can walk away and come back to pick up editing again where you left off.  Meanwhile, none of your changes will be visible to the rest of the world (on the web server) or to others working in Cascade.