Cascade Widgets


Cascade Widgets


Note: Some of the more useful widgets include a task list, a history of recent changes, a list of drafts you have been working on and a list of broken links in your site.

Widgets on your Dashboard give you concise views of different aspects of your web sites.

The Account Information Widget, which appears in the upper left hand corner of the Dashboard, is the only fixed and permanent widget on your Dashboard. From it you can check notifications from the Cascade system, add widgets and reset the Dashboard to its original state. All other widgets can be moved around your Dashboard. To move a widget, click on it, hold, and drag anywhere on the screen.

To add other widgets, click “Add Widget” in your account information widget. Choose the widget(s) you want on your Dashboard by clicking on the plus (+) sign next to the widget you want.

Once you have placed a widget, you can click on it and hold to drag it to another place on your Dashboard.

To undo changes to your Dashboard and return to its original format, click the “Reset Dashboard” link on your account information widget.