Building your site structure


Building your site structure

At this point you may want to jump in and start adding pages full of words, but take a moment to begin to outlining the shape of your site by adding and rearranging folders in your site content tree. Use the groups you have created to begin shaping your site. You will use what we call "Asset Factories" to add new items to your site.

Adding a folder

You may want to add a folder for each of the main topics or audiences you plan to address in your site. To add a folder to your site while in your Site Content tree:

Select the top folder of your site

  • Click the red plus sign (+) next to your site drop down list.
  • Give your folder a name. This will be the name that will become part of your web address so DO NOT use unusual characters or spaces. It will make your life easier if you keep it all in lower case.
  • Make sure you are in the directory you wanted (in this case it is the top level directory)
  • Give your folder a title. This can be something that makes sense to you and your visitors. Regular title case and spaces are OK here.
  • In most cases you will want the contents of your new folder to be included in your navigation and most of the time you will want to keep on the same navigation, so just leave the two radio buttons as they are for now. You will always be able to edit these things later on. Read more about these items in the section on creating your navigation.
  • Click "Submit."

The following table gives you a quick list of items you can configure when creating a folder.

Field Name Description
Folder Name (required) Be sure to give your folder a unique name. The name the folder will have in the Site Content tree. No special characters and no spaces allowed here!
Placement Folder (required) Folder browser to find where you would like to store your folder - Defaulted to the last location you were within the site. This can be modified by clicking on the folder icon and browsing for a different location within the site.
Title Title for the folder. No restriction on characters and spaces here. The Title can help those searching the Cascade CMS find this file more easily. You see it displayed above the file or folder that is open in the main window.
Include in Left Navigation (required) Allows you to include or exclude the folder as a menu item on your site’s left-hand navigation.  If yes, the title or landing page of your folder will become a new navigation item.
Restart Navigation (required) Allows you to restart the navigation from a selected folder. Restarting the navigation will change the navigation/menu of the pages inside your new folder. Any page inside that new folder will no longer share the navigation with the pages above it. Instead, pages inside this new folder will have a “back to” link to point to the landing page in its parent folder and, under that, a new menu indicating the pages and folders inside your new folder.

Nesting a folder

Once you have your top level directories, you may want to sort information inside of a folder. Follow the same procedure as above, but be sure to click the folder you want to contain your new folder before you begin. If you forgot to begin inside a directory, you can browse for the containing folder as you create your new folder. OR if you change your mind, you can always move a folder in your site.