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Rowan University Office of Compliance and Corporate Integrity

Rowan University

University Sanctions

The Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine (RowanSOM) strives to conduct its operations in an ethical, lawful and responsible manner. Each employee of RowanSOM is expected to adhere to this standard whenever he or she acts on behalf of RowanSOM.

RowanSOM Compliance Program has been established to define and govern the conduct expected of employees, to provide guidance on resolving questions related to business conduct and ethical issues, and to establish a mechanism by which employees can report possible violations.

Listed below are certain activities which are strictly prohibited. Staff members who engage in these or other prohibited activities may be disciplined and may be subject to termination even for the first offense, depending on the seriousness and intensity of the violation. This list is not intended to cover every possible situation that may arise, but is designed to give you a basic understanding of common types of unacceptable conduct or performance.