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Contribute Tutorials

Rowan University

Using Contribute for the first time

Please follow the below instructions to setup Adobe Contribute for the first time. The total setup time should take between 5 and 10 minutes. This process will only have to be completed once.

Saving the file to your H: drive

You should have received an email from a Web Services employee containing an attachment called If you have not received this file, please contact the individual who confirmed your account was setup on Contribute. Once you have received the file, please open your H: drive (on your local machine):
On Windows: Start -> Computer -> ~(\\filer1)(H:)
On OSX: Finder -> /Volumes/YOUR_USERNAME/

Position the windows on your screen in such a way where both the email containing the file and H: drive window opened earlier are both visible. Click and drag the file from your email to your H: directory.

Verify the file resides in your H: before continuing.

Before continuing this tutorial:

We support Adobe Contribute CS5.1 which is only available on the Rowan Cloud (VMware View). Before continuing with this tutorial, please download, install, and run the Rowan Cloud on your system.

For a place of reference, you should see a screen similar to the above image after connecting to the Rowan Cloud.

To launch Adobe Contribute, navigate to Start -> All Programs -> Multimedia -> Adobe Master Collection CS5.5 -> Adobe Contribute CS5.1

If launching Adobe Contribute for the first time on the Rowan Cloud, a screen similar to the one above will be visible.

Before connecting to your site, the key must be added to Contribute. To do this, navigate to File -> Open in Contribute.

At the top of the Open box, change the Look In: dropdown box to point to yourusername(\\\home)(H:)

At the bottom of the Open box, change the Files of type: dropdown box to point to All Files (*.*)

You will now see the file that was moved to your H: drive earlier in this tutorial. Click to select the file, and press the Open button.

After several seconds you will be presented with a popup box. Enter your username and password and click Remember Password. Note: You may need to enter your username and password multiple times depending on how many Contribute connections your account is configured for.

You are now ready to begin editing your webpage in Contribute! Please check out the links on the sidebar for video tutorials.