Rowan University

Campus Phone Numbers

All area codes are 856 unless otherwise indicated..

DepartmentPhone Number
Academic Affairs Office256-4011
Academic Success Center256-4259
Academic Transition Programs256-5655
Accounting & Finance256-4028
Accounts Payable256-4115
Admissions Office256-4200
Alumni Relations256-5400
Art Gallery256-4521
Assessment & Learning Center256-4512
Biological Sciences256-4833
Bookstore - Barnes& Noble881-5960
Box Office - Wilson256-4545
Budget Office256-4120
Bursar's Office256-4150
Camden Campus361-2900
Career Management Center256-4456
Chemical Engineering256-5310
Chemistry & Biochemistry256-4505
Child Care Center256-4018
Civil & Environmental Engineering256-5320
College of Business256-4025
College of Communication and Creative Arts256-4340
College of Education256-4750
College of Education Advising Center256-4420
College of Engineering256-5300
College of Graduate & Continuing Education256-4129
College of Humanities & Social Sciences 256-5840
College of Performing Arts256-4550
College of Science & Mathematics256-4850
Communication Studies256-4348
Compliance Office566-6136
Computer Science256-4805
Conference & Events Services256-5446
Cooper Medical School - Academic Affairs361-2830
Cooper Medical School - Administration361-2840
Cooper Medical School - Dean's Office361-2800
Cooper Medical School - Department of Biomedical Sciences361-2860
Cooper Medical School - Student Affairs and Admissions361-2850
Cooper Medical School of Rowan University361-2800
Counseling & Psychological Services Center256-4222
Disability Resources256-4234
Educational Services and Leadership256-4755
Electrical & Computer Engineering256-5330
Facilities - Main Trouble Reporting256-4650
Facilities Operations - Central Receiving256-4611
Field Experiences256-4725
Financial Aid Office256-4250
Foreign Languages & Literatures256-4070
General Counsel256-4144
Gourmet Dining856-256-4610
Health & Exercise Science256-4785
Healthy Campus Initiatives856-256-4333
Honors Program256-4643
Human Resources256-4134
IRT - ASA, Information Systems Support256-4175
IRT - Analytics, Systems & Applications (ASA)256-4146
IRT - Main Office256-4401
IRT - Network and Systems Services (NSS)256-4590
IRT - SVP/CIO Office256-5120
IRT - Support Center256-4400
IRT - Technology Services 256-4588
Image Yearbook256-4535
Information Desk, Student Center256-4606
Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Center for256-4271
International Center256-4292
Language, Literacy and Special Education256-4745
Law/Justice Studies256-4828
Liberal Arts & Sciences Institute256-4525
Library - CMSRU856-342-2525
Library - Campbell256-4800
Lost Rowan Card256-4663
Mail Room256-4613
Management & Entrepreneurship256-4026
Market Basket256-4500(3636)
Marketing & Business Information Systems256-4029
Mechanical Engineering256-5340
Media & Public Relations256-4240
Molecular & Cellular Biosciences856-256-4894
Multicultural Affairs256-4448
Music Library 256-4799
Nursing (BSN)256-4747
Nursing(School Nurse Cert.)256-4755
Office of Sponsored Programs256-4057
Orientation & Student Leadership Programs256-4041
Philosophy & Religion256-4075
Physics & Astronomy256-4855
Political Science256-4866
President's Office256-4100
Print Center256-4623
Provost's Office256-4108
Public Relations & Advertising256-4312
Public Safety - Administration256-4922
Public Safety - Parking256-4575
Reading Clinic256-4769
Recreation Center256-4900
Registrar's Office256-4350
Resident Learning/Dean of Students256-4266
Residential Learning/University Housing256-4266
Risk Management Program856-256-4370
Rowan Prep256-4554
Rowan University Creative856-256-5444
Schaub Inst. Materials Center256-4710
School of Biomedical Science and Health Professions256-4323
School of Earth and Environment856-256-5244
Service Learning, Volunteerism & Community Engagement256-4595
Social Justice, Inclusion, and Conflict Resolution256-5495
Sociology and Anthropology256-4884
Sports Information256-4252
Strategic Enrollment Managment256-5185
Student Affairs Office256-4283
Student Center256-4601
Student Center Information Desk256-4606
Student Government Association (S.G.A.)256-4540
Student Services Center256-4420
Student University Programmers (SUP)256-4875
THE SHOP856-256-6333
Teacher Education256-4738
Technology Park, South Jersey256-4099
Testing Center256-4263
Theatre & Dance256-4030
Tutoring Center256-4460
University Advancement256-4095
University Advising Center256-4459
University Events256-5432
University Publications256-4195
University Senate256-4515
Vice President for Finance256-4125
WGLS-FM/Radio Station256-4489
Web Services256-4410
Welcome Gate256-4218
Wellness Center256-4333
Wilson Box Office256-4545
Women's Studies256-4514
Writing Arts256-4345
Writing Center (Library)256-4376