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Students, alumni, faculty & staff, and members of the Rowan family who had a story to share about why they’re proud to be a Prof.

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Carla; Grand Prize winner!


Grand Prize Winner

I've been #RowanProud since 1961 when I was seven years old and in first grade. It was then I traveled to Glassboro from North Jersey with my grandparents to attend my aunt's graduation from what was then Glassboro State Teachers College. I was absolutely awestruck by the campus, and the ceremony. Right then and there, with total certainty, I knew this was where I wanted to attend college.

After two years of school, I had already decided I wanted to become a teacher. Never once did I waver from these decisions. While attending Hunterdon Central High School, I applied and was accepted for early admission to Glassboro State College and was accepted. Fifteen years after my aunt's graduation as she watched, I joined her as a GSC graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. If I close my eyes for just a moment, I can still recall the spring day of my graduation, and how much it resembled the ceremony I attended as a child.

My Rowan pride had me returning to Glassboro in 1983 for a graduate studies program in Computers in Education. After completing this program, I continued on to get my Master's Degree in Supervision and Curriculum Development. Thirty years after I first stepped on the grounds with Rowan pride, I graduated for a second time on the lawn in front of Bunce Hall.

A half century after my first visit, Prof pride brought me back to the campus as an adjunct professor teaching Educational Technology for the College of Education. I am so humbled and uplifted by the opportunity to have a role in the development of another generation of educators. As if that wasn't enough, I am overjoyed since starting in my new position in the Rowan Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Working there has allowed me to discover the true talent and commitment of the Rowan faculty. It has also filled me with an even greater pride to be part of the Rowan family.

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Our #RowanPROUD student winner Alexandra


Student Winner

In my opinion, Rowan University is the land of opportunities. For a girl who competitively races dragsters around the country, I wanted to study mechanical engineering to help further my career as a driver. I applied to many engineering schools, but did not get accepted into the mechanical engineering programs. I made persistent phone calls to every school for maybe a chance to speak to the deans of the engineering department about a possible reconsideration; Rowan University was the only school that called me back.

I explained to multiple advisors in the mechanical engineering department that I had not been accepted, but to reconsider my application. I explained to them my history in mechanics due to drag racing, and that I wasn't going to be their average student. They saw my motivation and potential dedication, and allowed me into the mechanical engineering program.

I was so excited that a great engineering college had allowed me to start my dream. But the encouragement did not end there. As the semesters continued, I had a fear that some professors and advisors would try to "weed me out" since my scores were lower than the average engineer, but that was not the case. My current advisor meets with me often as motivation to stay strong and continue with my dream, and my professors meet with me weekly to review material over and over until I understand it.

As a current sophomore and Admissions Ambassador, I often share this story to tourists and parents of how Rowan University evaluated me as an individual instead of just an application. This school goes out of their way to make sure my goals are achieved and that's why I am #RowanPROUD.

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Clare, the faculty winner.


Faculty & Staff Winner

Where do I start? Our family has had close ties with Rowan for over 30 years. I went to school at GSC in the late 70's and like anyone else, was a little nervous about the college experience. I felt right at home from the first day I arrived on campus. One day, I made a service call to facilities for a repair at my apartment in Mansion Park. The facilities technician took care of the issue promptly and was very nice. This person became my husband Chuck who worked in the facilities department for 28 years before retiring 7 years ago. We have been married for 31 years.

Little did I know back then that Rowan would become such an integral part of our family’s lives. I now work here at Rowan and have been here for 26 years. I have met many great people here and have enjoyed my time at Rowan. Now my son Chad , who graduated from Rowan in 2009, works here and my daughter Erin is a sophomore. Even my in-laws worked at Rowan in the 70's and 80's.

As Rowan continues to grow, I still feel in many aspects that it has that small town feel. People that I work with have been at Rowan for many years and I see their sons and daughters as well coming to Rowan. It is a big, expanding, progressive campus that doesn’t forget what it’s all about – the students and getting the best educational experience. With all the new and exciting things happening here, it will be great to see it all come to fruition.

So, you see, Rowan has been an extremely big part of our lives for many decades. We are #RowanProud!

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Alumni Winner

During my time at Rowan I was very involved in Rowan Radio, 89.7 WGLS  FM. I was a radio, television, and film major and WGLS provided me with not only a creative outlet, but also a place to call home on campus. In the fall of 2006, I was asked to train a new member of Rowan Radio s student staff. Following the successful completion of a post-training exam, veteran station members were asked to take all new members under their wing to show them the ropes and to have them join in as a co-host on one of our shows. Derek Jones, the now Interim Station Manager, paired me with Brian Kanady. While I had no idea the occasion would have meaning, I remember it clearly. Brian had on a gray zip-up sweatshirt, a vest, and an LL Bean backpack. Not thinking much of it, I introduced myself and continued on with my day. In the following months Brian and I spent more and more time together, and eventually, we fell in love. While I already loved Rowan and WGLS, Brian made each experience we had on campus and the surrounding areas that much more thrilling.

Following our graduation in 2008, our relationship grew even stronger, withstanding the test of distance and leading us to a place of our own, together in West Deptford, NJ. It was there where Brian proposed in April of 2011. He sent me on a scavenger hunt - which I was convinced was an Easter egg hunt  all around the apartment. The last clue included several love song lyrics and stated that I wouldn t be able to get through them all without hearing a commercial. I was directed to press play on his iPod where, with the help of production at the radio station where he works, Brian produced a short audio piece proposing to me. It was amazing!

When it came time to take our engagement pictures, there was only one place that felt right. We had several hundred pictures taken of us at our favorite places on campus, including the radio station where we met and the on-air studio where we got to know one another. After we wed in October of 2012 we bought our first home in Glassboro. Being so close to campus makes every day with Brian even more special as we re always in close proximity to the place that forever changed our lives. We often drive around looking at all the exciting developments that are taking place and we're sure to show our support still at football games, alumni gatherings, WGLS events, and even going on dates to some of the new businesses on Rowan Boulevard. We're proud alumni's and I am once again a proud student as I pursue my master's degree in Higher Education Administration.

Rowan does and will always hold a special place in each of our hearts. We are delighted to have met there, fell in love, and now reside right around the corner from this university. Each place on campus holds a memory and each time we drive through campus we're reminded that one of the best things we got out of college, was each other.

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Rowan University has provided me with the opportunity to grow as a student as well as a young adult. The accessibility of the faculty and other university staff, from my professors to Joe Cardona, has allowed me to enhance my networking and communication skills. There are several offices around campuses that has been very influential to my growth: The EOF/MAP program has been behind me every step of the to ensure that anything I needed,from emotional to educational support, I received. The Dean's Suite of the College of Communication and Creative Arts hired me as a freshman to be the student secretary. Everyone member of this office made sure that I was always on track with my studies and maintained a healthy work/life balance. The Whit newspaper has helped me grow as a writer and a professional. The small classrooms have also provided me with a Rowan Proud experience. I have had the opportunity to interact with people I would not usually communicate with on my own because of group projects and class discussions. Overall, my experience at Rowan University has been amazing. I entered college thinking I would only learn how to become a good student. I am leaving college with the knowledge of my major/minor as well as the real world, and a new found confidence gained through my time as a student at Rowan University. I will always be Rowan Proud.

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I didn't expect to be at Rowan University right now. When I graduated Gloucester County College in May of 2011, I was accepted into Rutgers University and was full steam ahead in pursuing my degree there. I thought of the prestige it would bring and the  big name school persona. I moved in August to my apartment on campus and immediately felt out of place. Something wasn't right. I m not supposed to be here.

Pushing through my first semester and commuting 2 and a half hours to New Brunswick to finish my second, I knew Rutgers was not the place for me. There was no personal attention, the offices could care less and my roommates were less than accommodating. I needed to come home. Home to Rowan.

I transferred the 2nd time to Rowan University and I have not looked back since. I stepped onto this campus after growing up just around the corner in Elk Township and it just felt complete. I excelled in all of my classes, picked up an advertising minor and made friends left and right. I also found my voice on Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM. I found my niche and I found out who I really was. I m a super senior now, and people still giggle at the term but I've come to love it. It is completely okay that I have been in college a little longer than the average student because it allowed me to be a prof that much longer. Nowadays you can find me running around campus doing so many different things and eating my Lunchable on the benches behind Bunce Hall. I am a commuter after all!

I may have taken a different path than most but I'll be the first in my entire family to gain a degree this May. I ll also be the first in my entire family to do it with honors. Rowan University helped me do that. Rowan University helped me find me. Rowan University is home. I am home. Class of 2014.

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I became #RowanPROUD the day I stepped onto campus and realized I was home. When you attend Rowan, you discover that communication and collaboration within the university is constant and you are never afraid to ask for help when you need it. You always know where to go when you need any type of question answered. You don't just learn in the classroom, you learn on the campus. Not only did I get an academic education, I got a real-life education. I'm a better student, employee and citizen because I attended Rowan University. The professors and faculty helped me find myself and guided me on a path I am confident about.

Rowan helped me to marry my love for Communication and Health & Exercise Sciences, and now I'm a Graduate Assistant of Fitness at the University of Mississippi studying for my Masters of Science in Health Promotion.

I think that prospective students should know that there is no need to be shy. Any time you need help, you can easily ask anyone, even if it's the person walking next to you on the sidewalk. Rowan is a family. Everyone is always wearing some brown and gold which just goes to show how much pride they have. You can easily get involved within your major or another outside interest. You will never feel left out or lost at Rowan.

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I grew up in Mantua, no more than 15 minutes from Rowan University.

When the time came to pick colleges in 2009, to be honest Rowan wasn't on the top of my list. I'd built up quite a false reputation of what I thought Rowan would be like. I felt like choosing to commute and going to a school not very far away wasn't the challenge I needed in my life.

After attending a different university farther away and the student loans began to rack up, I realized that I needed a change.

It was nearing the beginning of the Fall 2012 semester, and I wasn't going to be able to pay my bill at the other school.

I decided I had nothing to lose but to contact the admissions office at Rowan, and see what they could do to help. Most students by now had received their financial aid packages, registered for classes, gotten textbooks; They were ready for their semester to begin.

Admissions was a life-saver, and they gladly took me in with open arms. I was of course a bit rushed to get everything done before classes began, but the staff was more than cooperative and patient with me. At this point, I was still sort of leery, and holding onto this 'thought' of what Rowan would be like. I was afraid I was taking the easy way out, or just giving up by going to the school down the road.

What happened next completely changed my life forever. Being a Math major, the first thing I threw myself into was the Math Team, where I met some pretty awesome people, and I am currently the Vice President. Going to RAH almost every weekend, and having a blast of a time! Not to mention some of the best professors I've every had the pleasure of being taught by.

Let me tell you that I was wrong to assume such negativity about Rowan. In fact, I've learned more about who I am, and was able to explore my options better at Rowan than anywhere else.

With a graduation date of May 2014, I look back on my 2 years at Rowan as a transfer student with nothing but joy. I am happy with the decisions that I've made while attending Rowan, and will be proud as anything to graduate from this institution.

Rowan is more than just a college to me. It's where I discovered who I am, and it has set me up for who I'm going to be in the future. I'll always look back and thank Rowan for what they've done for me.

And I'm delighted to say that I am #RowanPROUD!

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Staff & Alumni

I've got PROFpride and I'm RowanPROUD. I went to school here in 2004-2008 for Computer Science with future aspirations to be a Web Developer. I figured I'd kickstart my career in 2007 and got a student worker job at Web Services as a web programmer. After I graduated in 2008 I remained in the Web Services office as a part time worker to help build my resume further. In 2009 I got an offer from a Global Engineering Firm and took it. While the experience there was a great stepping stone and big resume builder, I still wanted something better. In 2011 I saw an opening here at Rowan and decided to come back. It's 2014 and I couldn't be more happy with my decision. I got my degree here, and now I have an excellent career here. As I move forward in my life, everything that I do and accomplish will be made possible because of what Rowan University has given me. I am proud to be a successful Rowan University alumni.

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