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Rowan University Public Safety

Rowan University Daily Fire Log
September 2016
August 2016

Case Number Date Reported Date & Time Occured Description General Location Nature of Fire Status
16-030172 09/15/16 13:50hrs 09/15/16,
13:50 hrs-
13:50 hrs
Small mulch fire outside of building Glassboro Campus
Holly Pointe Commons

grass-lawn area
  • Undetermined

Extinguished at scene. Glassboro FD responded/NJ Div. of Fire Safety/Rowan Fire Safety notified
16-029344 09/10/16 02:50hrs 09/10/16,
02:50 hrs-
02:50 hrs
Smoke Condition Only Glassboro Campus
Laurel Hall
  • Other

No Open Flame, SMOKE CONDITION ONLY, Washers, Glassboro FD responded, NJ Div. of Fire Safety/Rowan Fire Safety notified
Total Monthly Incidents: 2