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Rowan University Daily Fire Log
February 2017
January 2017

Case Number Date Reported Date & Time Occured Description General Location Nature of Fire Status
17-005308 02/13/17 13:04hrs 02/13/17,
01:04 hrs-
01:04 hrs
SMOKE CONDITION ONLY, No open flame. Dryer smoking unknown cause Glassboro Campus
Rowan Blvd. Student Housing

Bldg. 7
  • Other

SMOKE CONDITION ONLY, No open flame, Glassboro Fire Dept. Responded
17-004445 02/07/17 00:09hrs 02/07/17,
00:09 hrs-
00:09 hrs
SMOKE CONDITION ONLY. No open flame, washer machine smoking. Glassboro Campus
Rowan Blvd. Student Housing
  • Other

SMOKE ONLY, Glassboro Fire Dept. responded
17-004397 02/06/17 20:02hrs 02/06/17,
20:02 hrs-
20:02 hrs
SMOKE CONDITION ONLY, Drone battery smoking, no flame. Glassboro Campus
Robinson Hall
  • Other

SMOKE ONLY, Battery, Glassboro Fire Dept. responded, Rowan Fire Safety/NJ Div. Fire Safety notified
17-004360 02/06/17 13:55hrs 02/06/17,
13:55 hrs-
13:55 hrs
Mulch Fire, side parking lot, caused by cigarette, extinguished prior to officer's arrival Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine (RowanSOM) Campus
42 E. Laurel Road

Side parking lot
  • Smoking Materials

Non residential
Total Monthly Incidents: 4