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Rowan University Public Safety

Rowan University Daily Fire Log
October 2017
Case Number Date Reported Date & Time Occured Description General Location Nature of Fire Status
17-034754 10/10/17 08:38hrs 10/10/17, 10/10/17, 08:38 hrs- 08:38 hrs Small Electrical Outlet Fire. Non-Residential, Glassboro Campus NJ Div. Fire Safety Notified Glassboro Fire Dept. Responded Electrical Rowan Fire Safety/Facilities responded Non-Residential
17-033821 10/03/17 15:42hrs 10/03/17, 10/03/17, 03:42 hrs- 03:42 hrs Rechargeable batteries for an electronic cigarette appeared to have come in contact with loose change, created a circuit and started a fire.Minor damage to cabinet., Glassboro Campus Hazardous Products Glassboro Fire Dept. Responded Div. Fire Safety notified. Non-Residential
17-033817 10/03/17 15:04hrs 10/03/17, 10/03/17, 03:04 hrs- 03:04 hrs SMOKE CONDITION ONLY, belt smoking on dryer, NO OPEN FLAME/FIRE, Glassboro Campus SMOKE CONDITION ONLY Glassboro Fire Dept. Responded Other