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October 2013 Fire Incidents
September 2013

November 2013
Incident # Date Reported Date Occured Time Description Location Disposition Status
13-026041 10/29/13 18:59hrs 10/29/2013 1859 Light Fixture exploded Student Center Investigation
Fire Alarm
13-025223 10/22/13 22:56hrs 10/22/2013 2256 Trash Can Edgewood Park Apartments Investigation
Actual Fires Interior Residence Areas
13-023511 10/09/13 16:44hrs 10/09/2013 1644 Smell of smoke Rowan Blvd. Student Housing Careless Cooking

Smoke from Toaster, no fire, state notified
Fire Alarm
13-023502 10/09/13 14:43hrs 10/09/2013 1443 Brush Fire Maintenance Yard Fire

small brush fire was put out and state was notified
Fire exterior property
Total Monthly Incidents: 4