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Ali A. Houshmand, Ph.D.Usually, transformation requires vision and time to redirect gradually. But in just the last decade, Rowan University dramatically, deliberately reshaped itself into a model for strategic change, becoming the nation’s fourth fastest-growing public research university.

And now that nothing in the world is “usual,” Rowan’s extraordinary agility and ability to solve problems prove the institution’s strength and value even more. Our impressive record continues to attract talented students and faculty, as well as donors, investors and partners.  

In uncertain conditions that stunt others’ growth and potential, Rowan leads with bold imagination and nimble execution. We are still stable and focused on creating opportunities, pathways and partnerships.

Rowan stands strong as an inclusive, dynamic, effective community of scholars, researchers, healers and leaders.

I invite you to learn more about transformation with purpose, capacity and confidence—and how to share Rowan’s transformative power.

Very truly yours,

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Ali A. Houshmand, Ph.D.


Community partnerships

“I don’t understand, for the life of me, why more four-year institutions are not partnering with community colleges,” said Rowan University President Ali A. Houshmand, Ph.D.

Maybe, it’s because breaking tradition requires a lot of work, trust and new ways of thinking.

The pandemic has only intensified enrollment declines, further demonstrating the need for institutions of higher education to think strategically and plan for the future in order to survive.

Rowan University is setting the example through hard-won partnerships with two community colleges, giving students more pathways toward a bachelor’s degree at a significant cost savings. The partnerships have created a steady stream of transfer students to the University, more space to expand programming and lower costs for students.



2 community college partnerships


community college partnerships

19,678 students enrolled, nearly doubled in past decade
Edelman Planetarium, South Jersey's only planetarium, welcomes children, youth and adults year-round
Ranked nation's #95 top public research university by U.S. News & World Report

Strategic transformation

For two years running, Rowan has been recognized by The Chronicle of Higher Education as the nation’s fourth fastest-growing public research university. 

Enrollment nearly doubled between 2008 and 2020, the result of a careful investment in research, while remaining focused on building high-quality undergraduate programs designed to meet the needs of a fast-changing world. To get here, Rowan broke norms, operated like a business and maintained a laser focus on controlling costs—for both the University and its students. 

“Affordability is critical,” said President Ali A. Houshmand, Ph.D. “As a state institution, we have the obligation to provide access, affordability and a quality education to everybody.”



4th fastest-growing research university in the nation


fastest-growing research university in the nation

Ranked nation's #67 best for veterans by College Factual
South Jersey Technology Park at Rowan University hosts 25 start-ups and three research centers
Edelman Fossil Park provides extraordinary field research, STEM education and citizen science

Medical Education

Rowan is one of only three universities in the nation to offer both M.D. and D.O. programs, putting it at the forefront of addressing the country's physician shortage. From our two thriving medical schools, more than 200 new physicians graduate each year to provide skilled, compassionate, innovative health care.

When COVID-19 began its threat in early 2020, our physicians, educators and medical students responded to provide care to thousands and they are still on the front lines as professionals and volunteers.

Both Rowan medical schools earn high regard.

Cooper Medical School of Rowan University is noted for its distinctive curriculum dedicated to urban health care and community service. The nation's 10th most difficult medical school to be accepted to, it attracts more talented applicants each year and earned the profession's highest honor for community service in medical education.

Founded in 1976, Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine is known for its centers of excellence and research. Its faculty and students provide health care for more than 44,000 patients at Rowan Medicine clinical locations throughout the state. 

2 medical schools


medical schools

Cooper Medical School of Rowan University is the 10th most difficult medical school to be accepted to nationally according to U.S. News & World Report
Rowan has committed $50 million to medical and bioscience research in Camden

Experiential Education

Hands-on learning is a powerful Rowan advantage. With experiential education woven throughout the curricula through each semester and during breaks, students get the feel of working with industry and professional partners who ask Rowan experts to help investigate and solve real-world problems. As our faculty nurture and guide students on research and project teams, in classrooms and professional settings, they give the next generation of scholars and innovators a head start with a portfolio often begun in Rowan undergraduate programs. Engineering clinics, funded research and professional development school partnerships are just a few of the ways Rowan students experience real-world work—and learn more by doing year-round.

Yearlong hands-on learning


hands-on learning

Undergraduate engineering program ranked #17 by U.S. News & World Report
$3 million over three years dedicated to developing programs to address future workforce skills

Economic Impact

Rowan University's influence on the local and regional economy is vast and vital. 

Whether the general economy is booming or struggling, Rowan's thriving presence improves opportunities for individuals, business and industry close to campus and well beyond.

Before COVID-19, Rowan's impact was $1.53 billion annually, according to an independent study. Rowan directly supports 4,700 jobs at the University and nearly 7,000 jobs indirectly in New Jersey each year, making it a major driver of economic development in the region and the state.

In just the last five years, $1.2 billion in Rowan-related construction projects opened. Another $900 million in projects is in design and planning, soon to create more jobs, continue improving access to education and accomplish more in practical research and development. 

Even amid the 2020 downturn, Rowan's well-established entrepreneurial strategy and public-private partnerships remain strengths. 

$1.53B annual economic activity


annual economic activity

$5 million Rowan Foundation venture capital fund propels student and alumni projects
$45.3M annual sponsored research and grants in academic year 2020-2021


Every year, more students want to be at Rowan University. With enrollment up nearly 92 percent to 19,678 students in little more than 10 years, Rowan University keeps bucking downward trends in higher education by creating effective alternatives for lower-cost, high-quality programs.

Through creative options including 3+1 programs with county colleges, Rowan is providing more access to college credentials for students to become entrepreneurs, educators, engineers, communicators and more.

92% increase in enrollment


increase in enrollment

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