Return to Rowan

  • Return: Plans for a safe and healthy restart

Return to Rowan

Rowan University is committed to returning as an on-campus living and learning environment for Fall 2020.

As always, the health and safety of our Rowan community is our top priority. To accomplish our goal of opening campus, we have developed an extensive plan that offers safe and flexible options for participation in classes and activities in compliance with government directives, public health guidance and higher education best practices. An oversight committee also will be formed to ensure plans are regularly reviewed and updated throughout the coming year.

Our commitment

  • The fall semester will begin as scheduled on Tuesday, Sept. 1, and will conclude with final exam week, scheduled for Friday, Dec. 11 to Thursday, Dec. 17.

  • Classes will remain as scheduled for in-person, online and hybrid sessions. In order to provide options for students who are seeking or in need of remote learning, in addition to our online and hybrid delivery formats, we are introducing HyFlex (Hybrid Flexible) formats for all traditional classes. The HyFlex format includes expanded online learning resources and capabilities. This will allow for nearly all face-to-face classes to also be taken synchronously from a remote location.

  • Although the University has invested significant resources in our IT infrastructure, it will build out its capacity of smart classrooms and will provide faculty additional tools needed to provide simultaneous remote instruction. With our enhanced technologies, we will be prepared to move to fully online instruction should conditions require.

  • For residential students, housing will be established through a multi-faceted system that adheres to social distancing and health-related risk reduction guidelines. When students return to residence halls, the University will clearly communicate expectations, policies and protocols.

  • The University will build a culture of caring for the health of oneself and each other through emails, postings and widespread signage.

Rowan University is in Phase 2.

During the next several weeks, the University will have a better understanding of when employees will be permitted to return to our campuses for work and when students can return for study. We fully expect regulations and guidance to change frequently throughout the summer and well into the fall semester. As information changes, our policies and plans will be updated and communicated using a variety of platforms (email, social media, newsletters, list-servs, etc.).

To be sure, everyday life on Rowan University’s campuses is dynamic, interactive, collaborative and social. While this culture makes possible the transformative experience that is integral to our community, these times call for flexibility, diligence, teamwork, sensitivity and a commitment to the safety and welfare of all.

A Four-Phase Process

Phase 1: Phase 1 included the period of emergency closure with only essential employees on campus or in medical offices, and all other employees working remotely.

Phase 2: The University has implemented a staggered return to campus, with departments that need access to equipment and records on campus being the first to return. Research that can be completed with social distancing or is clinical in nature will be started with safeguards in place. Staging departments, as well as staggering employees, will provide for more effective implementation, testing and refining of environmental and public health protocols. Most employees will continue to work remotely.

Phase 3: Other staff return, but under restrictive guidelines. This phase primarily will include staff in other departments, including clerical/administrative employees, Human Resources, Library, etc. Faculty will be on campus to prepare for return to onsite education. Research will be expanded.

Phase 4: Return of faculty and students under guidelines to be developed and adapted as public health initiatives dictate. Return to full operations as defined and limited by the COVID-19 restrictions.