Confirmed Positive COVID-19 Cases at Rowan University

  • Medical professional with a nasal swab test

Confirmed Positive COVID-19 Cases at Rowan University

Confirmed Positive Cases of COVID-19 (updated Mar. 4)

The chart below shows confirmed cases of COVID-19 within the Rowan community — students and employees, whether they study/reside/work on one of our campuses or are remote. The data reflects test results we know of to date. Figures may change in prior weeks as we learn of results from individuals and out-of-county agencies. Due to federal patient- and student-confidentiality regulations, we cannot provide more details about the affected individuals.

Following medical protocols, we will continue to inform people in the Rowan community who were in close contact with the infected individuals before and as they started showing symptoms. Although the risk of infection is low for those beyond the individuals’ inner circles, we will continue to inform others (e.g., roommates, close personal contacts) and ask that they quarantine themselves for up to 14 days, depending on the level of exposure. 

Please note that we will update the Weekly Confirmed Positive chart three times weekly (i.e., Mon., Wed., Fri.), and more often, if necessary. This will help us keep the data as accurate as possible, and not have to back-date figures as test results return from the labs we use and from external agencies such as county public health departments.

Active Cases: Isolation and Quarantine

  On Campus Off Campus Total
Isolation 8 17 25
Quarantine 41 59 100

Note: "Active cases" are people who currently are still contagious and within 10 days of first being tested positive. A person in "isolation" had a confirmed positive COVID-19 test. The "on-campus isolation" figure reflects students living in a University residence hall designated for students who have tested positive. People in "quarantine" have come in contact with a confirmed positive COVID-19 case and are restricting their interactions with others to see if they develop symptoms. Please note that these figures will change as Rowan students and employees recover and as we confirm new positive tests.


Weekly Confirmed Positive COVID-19 Cases 






  On Campus   Off Campus   On Campus   Off Campus


2 0 0   2 0 0   1 0 1   5 0 1 12


1 0 0   10 0 0   3 0 0   3 0 0 17


6 0 0   23 0 0   1 0 0   3 0 2 35


7 0 0   10 0 0   3 0 0   0 0 0 20


25 0 0   14 0 0   1 1 0   0 0 0 41


38 0 0   16 0 0   1 0 0   3 0 0 58


25 0 0   14 0 0   1 0 0   2 0 0 42


16 0 0   9 1 0   2 0 0   0 0 0 28


3 0 0   3 0 0   0 0 0   0 0 0 6


123 0 0   101 1 0   13 1 1   16 0 3 259

Note: "On campus" figures reflect people who live or work on campus, or were on campus for a significant amount of time (e.g. residence hall/activity/event/sports practice/class) during their infectious period, including two days prior to showing symptoms if symptomatic or test date if asymptomatic. "Off campus" figures reflect people who tested positive, but do not reside or work on campus and have not been on our campuses during their infectious period. The data above reflects confirmed cases. Information about the Camden Academic Building will be included in main campus figures. Please note that figures throughout the chart will change as we receive additional information about cases from the State. Figures from previous weeks may change. For information about testing protocols, please visit

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Confirmed Positive Cases by Date (EPI Curve)

A visualization of the overall trend of positive cases.

Main Campus Testing Program

During the spring semester, approximately 50,000 COVID-19 tests are expected to be administered to Rowan students and employees.

All residential students are scheduled for COVID-19 testing on a bi-weekly basis. Students are notified of time slots for testing via email.


Asymptomatic Main Campus Testing Program

Asymptomatic non-residential students and Rowan employees can visit Eventbrite to schedule free COVID-19 saliva testing. Testing is every Tuesday and Thursday at the Rec Center in Glassboro. After accessing Eventbrite, students and employees receive an email with detailed information to sign up with the testing center. Residential students are scheduled for asymptomatic testing on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Fall 2020

Results from August 25 to December 26, 2020:

  • Number of asymptomatic tests administered: 3,031
  • Number of confirmed positive cases: 72


Spring 2021

Pool/Group Test – January 27 to March 1:

  • Students living on campus are required to be tested every two weeks. Other high risk groups are also tested biweekly.
  • Total tests administered: 5,584
  • Positive tests: 39


Pre-return to campus Pixel test – January 22 to February 19:

  • Students living on campus or had in-person required courses were asked to test 10 days before returning to Rowan.
  • Total pixel tests: 4,403
  • Negative tests: 4,371
  • Positive tests: 32


Saliva Test - January 1 to March 2:

  • The Wellness Center uses this testing weekly for nonresidential students and employees.
  • Total saliva tests: 341
  • Positive tests: 12


Total number of confirmed positive cases since March 15: 1,256

  Main CMSRU Stratford Total
Mar. 15 - Dec. 26 930 35 32 997
Dec. 26 and after 253 2 4 259


About testing protocols and monitoring reporting data

Rowan actively collects and monitors data to assess the health of our community daily.

  1. Review of local hospital COVID-19 testing, ER visits and ICU capacity.
  2. Asymptomatic testing program – The testing of on- and off-campus students who do not exhibit any symptoms and who volunteer to be part of the monitoring program.
  3. Symptomatic testing – The testing of students who exhibit symptoms.
  4. Daily health wellness survey – The collection of information about the general health of individuals by members of our community reporting their health each day via an online form.

Positivity Rate Reporting: At Rowan, we strive to be as transparent as possible by reporting data that is current and accurate. Many of our students choose to be tested off campus for a variety of reasons (i.e., family physician, access to rapid tests, convenience). While it benefits all involved that students are getting tested, even if off campus, Rowan only learns of the positive test results — not those that come back negative. This imbalance of data means that our positivity numbers may be incomplete and don’t reflect what’s actually happening. Many institutions that report positivity rates have access to their own tests and labs for processing tests.

Delayed Results: Positive test results that originate from a test taken off campus get reported to the state based on the student's home address. The state, in turn, processes these reports in batches and reports them back to county health departments, and ultimately Rowan and the other colleges and universities. Because we are actively seeking reports of positive test results from students and employees, we investigate and report those cases well before the state public reports are issued. Since the results come in batches, county reports sometimes look as though there are local spikes of college-age adults. But, in actuality the larger number often represents data already posted in our charts.

Additional Testing: Rowan is currently investigating how to implement wastewater and antibody testing plans. More information will be shared when these programs are implemented.








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