Student Guide for Returning to Rowan

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Student Guide for Returning to Rowan

Student Guide for Spring 2022

Mask Wearing

As of Monday, March 7, indoor masking will be optional on all campuses except in the following cases:
  • In health care clinical settings (wearing a mask is required);
  • When you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19;
  • When you are instructed to wear a mask by a healthcare provider;
  • If you feel ill with upper respiratory symptoms or you are COVID-positive, and isolate.

The masking change is for everyone, regardless of vaccination status. 

It’s important for all of us to remember that some people may feel uncomfortable being around unmasked individuals. Additionally, many vaccinated individuals may choose to wear a mask for their own safety or for the safety of their loved ones. Please be respectful of everyone’s choices. 

In instances such as one-on-one meetings, either party may request that a mask be worn. If that is not acceptable to either person, an alternative arrangement should be scheduled.

University employees may ask if a student is vaccinated, and vice versa,  but they may not ask why one is not. Asking why a person is not vaccinated may be a violation of disability discrimination laws.

Rowan's COVID-19 advisory group meets frequently to assess the health of the community and to monitor state and CDC guidelines. If we see changes in the data, or if state and federal officials advise a return to indoor masking because of a dramatic increase in positive cases, we will follow the science and take appropriate measures.


For Academic Year 2021/22, the University has discontinued the Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) format that was utilized during the pandemic emergency. The Spring 2022 schedule is based on the resumption of normal levels of in-person instruction. Expanded online course offerings offer flexible options for scheduling. Further information can be found in the Student Services section below.

The University remains positioned to respond to government directives and public health conditions and maintains readiness for restrictions on in-person instruction should this become necessary.

Student Success Services

This past fall Rowan’s many offices to support Student Success resumed in-person services. We will also have virtual options available as needed for students who may be completing their degrees fully online or at other campuses, or for whom virtual services are more accessible due to their busy lives.

Academic Support

University Advising Services, peer tutoring and success coaching will be available in person, with virtual options available. In addition, Rowan continues to support student well-being and academic success through extensive outreach via emails, phone calls, and text messages.

Career Advancement

The Office of Career Advancement (OCA) offers both in-person services for students and alumni. These services include one-on-one appointments, group presentations to classes and student organizations, employer engagement, and career events and fairs. We also support the student internship process and encourage students to work with us and their academic department to maximize their opportunities for experiential learning and professional preparation.

In collaboration with the Office of Alumni Engagement, the OCA offers an alumni mentoring platform called Profs Connect that supports student and alumni engagement and partnership, along with supporting job and internship searches for the Rowan University community.

Disability Resources

Our caring staff are available to assist students either in-person or virtually. Students registered with Accessibility Services who have certain health risks may have questions and concerns pertaining to in-person meetings and learning environments. Our staff is available to assist you with these matters. For more information, please email  

Placement Testing and Other Academic Testing Services

Placement testing is offered remotely or on site in Rowan’s Testing Center in Savitz Hall. Accommodated testing for students registered with Accessibility Services is available on campus in the Testing Center, and is also available in online and remote course platforms as needed. Please email with any questions about academic testing services.

Military Services

Students registered with Military Services can be assured their needs will be met through in-person and virtual options. Deployed students will receive support with enrollment and course completion options.

Serving Immunocompromised Students

We continue to offer student services remotely, while adding face-to-face services modified to accommodate physical distancing and health guidelines.

Health & Wellness

Physical Wellness

Comprehensive information regarding health and wellness can be found on the Questions and Answers page on the Return to Rowan site.

For Spring 2022, all Rowan students are required to submit proof of their COVID-19 vaccination via the Wellness Center web site. Students with valid health or religious exemptions must submit a formal vaccination declination form via the web site.

Mental Health Services

The COVID-19 pandemic may be stressful for people. Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions. Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS) provides a variety of options to promote psychological well-being and personal growth.

The CPS staff offers its services to students regarding a wide range of mental health issues impacting the campus community. The staff provides confidential personal counseling and other psychological services free of charge to currently enrolled students.

Students can contact the Wellness Center for help 24/7 at 856-256-4333. Also, the NJ Mental Health Cares Helpline helps people dealing with anxiety and worry related to the pandemic. Students can call 1-866-202-HELP (4357) for free, confidential support from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week. 

Student Life on Our Campuses


Stay abreast of all teams by visiting the Rowan Athletics web site.


Students, faculty and staff have access to dining options University wide. Gourmet Dining has implemented operational changes that follow current NJ State and Board of Health guidelines with regard to food service, physical distancing and group gatherings. Although subject to change based upon real-time conditions and data, the following is a general outline for dining options.

In an effort to best meet the needs of the community, mobile ordering (Grubhub) has been expanded to incorporate all current dining locations, including the addition of advance order/to-go offerings from Glassworks Eatery at Holly Pointe Commons. Additional preventative measures designed to protect the community include the conversion of all self-serve dining options to full service and the temporary exclusion of reusable to-go containers and mugs.

Gourmet Dining continues to operate within the N.J. State guidelines of safe food service at Glassworks Eatery at Holly Pointe Commons, The Market Place, Rogo and Prof’s Place. Glassworks Eatery is open for both take out and dine-in services daily.

Campus Housing

Rowan is providing on-campus housing to students who apply and is assigning students to rooms. Triple occupancy rooms will not be utilized. 

The safety and well-being of our students, faculty and staff remain our top priority, and living on campus provides students with essential resources and services that are not always available at the same levels for students when they are off campus. Adhering to all public health and legal guidelines, the following housing plan has been implemented:

  1. New or continuing students who wish to live on campus for Spring 2022 should submit the standard housing application and will be assigned housing by the Office of Residential Learning and University Housing (RLUH).

  2. Rowan will maintain isolation housing should that be necessary for students who are ill or who test positive for COVID-19.

  3. Residential Learning and University Housekeeping (RLUH) staff will make assignments using standard room configurations, in either double or single occupancy, in all residence halls and apartments. Students will be assigned to apartments based upon their standard configuration (double or single rooms).

  4. RLUH is training staff extensively to reduce health-related exposure and risks to all students. All training will be completed before students arrive on campus for move-in. RLUH and building maintenance staff are implementing robust enhanced cleaning protocols to ensure that all common areas of residential facilities are appropriately cleaned and disinfected. This will be achieved through consistent, seamless communication and training so that all cleaning and disinfection protocols are followed to the fullest extent possible.


Rowan University appreciates that the shuttle provides important services for many students, faculty, and staff. As a result, University officials have worked with South Jersey Transit Authority (SJTA) to create a plan that provides shuttle services to the fullest extent possible while implementing protocols to reduce health-related risks. The following procedures have been implemented:

  • SJTA has instituted a cleaning and disinfecting approach for all shuttles and for every ride, which includes disinfecting frequent touchpoints such as handholds, armrests, seating, and door handles, before and after each trip.

  • Hand-sanitizer and/or wipe dispensers are provided on each shuttle.

  • Shuttle drivers do not use recirculated air for shuttle ventilation. Instead, they must use shuttle vents and/or lower the vehicle’s windows to bring in fresh outside air.

  • For more information, visit the Rowan’s Shuttle Services website.