Student Guide for Returning to Rowan

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Student Guide for Returning to Rowan

Student Guide for Returning to Rowan

As students return to campus this fall, Rowan University is prepared for a new normal. While none of us know with certainty what lies ahead, we now have a flexible plan in place to guide our way back.

Students will be required to self-monitor for symptoms as noted above and may not attend in-person educational activities if they show any symptoms of COVID-19 as outlined by the CDC. In addition, prior to logging on to Rowan’s network, students will document that they are symptom free and capable of participating in in-person activities or will document that they have symptoms or fever and have followed reporting protocols.

Rowan is in the process of developing a training module for students. The modules focus on COVID-19, means of infection and reducing the risk of infection, including: hand and respiratory hygiene, face covering, social distancing, and cleaning and disinfecting. Students will be required to participate in the training prior to return. In addition to training modules, Rowan has developed significant signage to remind its community of the importance of health and safety protocols.

Testing: As will be further discussed in the section governing Testing, Rowan will have available four streams of testing, including a rapid response point of care testing solution, saliva testing through a Rutgers-affiliated laboratory, and standard nasopharangeal swab testing through two testing partners. Rowan will implement a testing protocol for symptomatic testing, as well as testing of close contacts. Rowan will also implement random voluntary testing in certain key populations, including athletes.

Contact Tracing: Students will be required to participate in public health investigations, including contact tracing. 

Self Isolation: Students will be required to isolate pursuant to guidance provided by Student Wellness, in accordance with public health recommendations. Students will be given the option to isolate in their place of primary residence or on campus in Triad Hall, a 218-bed residence hall reserved for self-isolated students. During periods of self-isolation, students will be provided with access to academic materials and, if isolation occurs on campus, arrangements have been made to provide for access to food, medical care, and other necessary services.

Enforcement: Rowan has developed an Acknowledgment of Responsibility for its students that they will be required to complete after receiving educational materials relating to COVID-19. Compliance expectations have been included in the Student Code of Conduct.


The Fall 2020 semester will begin as scheduled on Tuesday, Sept. 1, and will conclude with final exam week, scheduled for Friday, Dec. 11 to Thursday, Dec. 17.

Class Schedules and Delivery
Rowan faculty have worked to transfer and refine their curricula to provide students a robust academic experience delivered within all public health guidelines.

Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) will be the format for most Fall 2020 courses that are normally described as “traditional.” HyFlex allows students the option to be virtually present from a remote location for some or all of scheduled instructional time, which may be live or asynchronous.

While we had planned for a full return to campus this fall, it is apparent that New Jersey will remain in Stage 2 (of three stages) of its reopening plan for the foreseeable future. Our Stage 2 plans are as follows:

Courses that require labs, technical and clinical rotations, and hands-on instruction where physical presence is mandatory will be offered in person.

Classes that involve higher-risk activities (likely transmitting more aerosolized droplets), such as theater, music, dance and physical education where physical presence is necessary, will begin in a remote format and will transition to in-person instruction when authorized by the state.

All other classes, including lectures and seminars where physical presence is beneficial, also will begin remotely with many courses designed to transition to in-person instruction when authorized by the state and others remaining online.

Regardless of when the University is permitted to offer more in-person instruction, students may choose to continue in remote learning or a HyFlex combination throughout the Fall semester. We will support students who need medical accommodations to continue their studies, at all stages and for all classes.

As needed, the University is fully prepared to transition between stages 2 and 3 in response to government directives and public health conditions. Additionally, all classes will be prepared to move to fully remote instruction temporarily or for the remainder of the semester in the event that becomes necessary. They HyFlex mode of delivery permits us to shift between in-person and remote instruction in response to changing public health conditions or individual needs.

Courses requiring physical presence will be subject to adjusted classroom capacity limits and health and safety protocols and may be scheduled on a rotating or intermittent basis. Occupancy of classrooms will be restricted according to social distancing standards. To ensure safe options for all and to make the best possible use of instructional time, the University has invested in significant classroom technology enhancements and professional development for faculty and are strategically scheduling classes across multiple modes of delivery.

Students should use this step-by-step guide to navigate their course schedules. Additional video resources can be found on the Rowan University YouTube Channel.

Student Success Services

We will continue to offer student services remotely, while adding face-to-face services modified to accommodate social distancing and health guidelines.

The addition of online options for services is a permanent change that will benefit many students who may be completing their degrees fully online or at other campuses or whose schedules do not permit attending appointments on campus.

Academic Support
In addition to resuming some face-to-face services, University Advising Services and Tutoring Services will continue to provide high-quality virtual support options. Physical distancing and health precautions will be implemented in advisors’ offices and tutoring locations. In addition, Rowan will continue to support student well-being and academic success through extensive outreach via emails, phone calls, and text messages.

Career Advancement
The Office of Career Advancement (OCA) provides all aspects of student and alumni support in virtual environments, including one-on-one appointments, group presentations to classes and student organizations, employer engagement and virtual career events and fairs.

  • In Fall 2020, all career fairs will be hosted virtually.
  • In collaboration with the Office of Alumni Engagement, the OCA is preparing to launch an alumni mentoring platform that will aid in student and alumni engagement and partnership, along with supporting job and internship searches for the Rowan University community. Individual and small group services will resume in person when permitted, following health and safety protocol.
  • OCA will continue to support student internships, co-ops and other professional experiences.

Off-Campus Experiential Opportunities (Internships & Co-Ops)
For the Fall 2020 semester, off-campus internships and co-ops are permitted to continue, provided the completion of the following materials 1) a valid site placement agreement with the site 2) a signed waiver from the student acknowledging the risks of participation in an in-person internship 3) a written document outlining that the placement is operating in accordance with safety protocols required by COVID-19. If students are unable to complete mandatory internships at this time, students should work with their department to complete curricular requirements through alternative opportunities. For questions, please contact your academic department or

Disability Resources
Students registered with the office may experience particular challenges due to remote learning environments, heightened health risks and mental health strain.

Mental health conditions may qualify students for accommodations, and temporary accommodations are available. In addition, a new software system will launch in Fall 2020 to enable students to register with the office online and to facilitate communication among students, faculty, and the office. Individual appointments for students and families are provided online; face-to-face services will resume when appropriate.  

Testing Services
Placement testing is offered remotely. Accommodated testing for students registered with Disability Resources is available in online and remote course platforms. When conditions permit, both services will resume offering an in-person option, following health and safety protocols.

Military Services
Students registered with Military Services can be assured their needs will be met through virtual services. In-person services will also resume when appropriate. Students who are deployed are provided support with enrollment and course completion options. 

Student Life on Our Campuses

The New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) has suspended all fall sports conference-wide in an effort to help support its member institutions’ efforts to keep their students and staff healthy. Conference leadership, however, will explore the possibility of playing fall sports in the spring.

Rowan Athletics will continue to provide a safe and healthy environment for our student-athletes to participate in skills training and strength and conditioning sessions during the fall semester. Although they will continue training at various levels, students-athletes will not lose any eligibility.

Civic Involvement
Civic involvement and responsibility are critical elements of the experiential learning model of education. As a result, we will maintain opportunities for student growth and development through accountability, civility, engagement, respect, and volunteerism.

The University will provide students with opportunities to volunteer. The SHOP and Fresh for All will continue with staff using appropriate social distancing techniques, engaging in regular disinfecting protocol, and wearing recommended PPE (e.g. masks and gloves) in order to provide essential resources to students in need of assistance.

Students, faculty and staff will have access to dining options University wide. Gourmet Dining will be implementing operational changes that follow current NJ State and Board of Health guidelines with regard to food service, social distancing and group gatherings. 

In Stages 2 and 3, outdoor dining areas will be available and indoor dining facilities will be open with access is limited to faculty, staff, and students (not general public), adhering to State, CDC and DOH protocols.

In an effort to best meet the needs of the community, mobile ordering (Grubhub) will be expanded to incorporate all current dining locations, including the addition of advance order/to go offerings from Glassworks Eatery at Holly Pointe Commons. Additional preventative measures designed to protect the community include the conversion of all self-serve dining options to full service and the temporary exclusion of reusable to-go containers and mugs.

To allow for social distancing and support the safety of guests and staff, dining locations will be operating as pick-up locations only. Outdoor dining tables will be available from late August through October near the Chamberlain Student Center, Engineering Hall and Holly Pointe Commons on the Glassboro campus. When health and safety guidelines permit, limited dine-in seating may be available in Glassworks Eatery and Prof's Place.

Gourmet Dining will continue to support student wellness and campus life through programming via social media. Special events will be hosted throughout the semester that align with current gathering restrictions.

University officials will work with Gourmet Dining staff members to determine which eateries will be available for food services. For the fall term, we anticipate options to include:

  • Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
    • Stat Café
  • Glassboro Campus
    • Au Bon Pain Express (Science Hall)
    • Einstein Bros Bagels (Engineering Hall)
    • Glassworks Eatery (Holly Pointe Commons)
    • We Proudly Brew (Holly Pointe Commons)
    • Market Place (Chamberlain Student Center)
      • Absurd Bird, Bowl Life, Brkfst & Co, Chef Jet, Crust, Freshens, Sono, Pop Up, Smoked
    • Peet's Coffee (Chamberlain Student Center)
    • Prof's Place (Chamberlain Student Center)
      • Grill Nation
      • Jersey Mikes
    • Sushi Do (Chamberlain Student Center)
  • Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine
    • Top Docs
Residential students moving to campus beginning on August 20 and after will have the ability to place two on-campus dining orders per day from Glassworks Eatery in Holly Pointe Commons until meal plans begin on Thursday, August 27. Orders will be placed using the Grub Hub appclick here for information on how to configure your account.

Campus Housing
Housing is critical to the overall Rowan experience. Even so, housing students during times of heightened health concerns requires a sophisticated system of protocols.

To ensure student safety and well-being, Rowan has established Triad residence hall as a site for isolation housing should students require isolation while on campus. While students will have the option to isolate at their place of primary residence, should students wish to stay on campus, they will be able to do so. Triad consists of 218 beds. Arrangements have been made with Rowan’s dining vendor to provide food to anyone in isolation through food delivery. Further, Rowan will provide medical services, student services, and virtual instruction to students in self isolation.

Rowan University is committed to providing students with housing options as a basic human need. When residence halls reopen, Rowan University will implement appropriate policies, procedures, and protocol. 

When students return to residence halls, the University will clearly communicate expectations, policies, and protocol for move-in and the use of elevators using current guidelines. The following is what students can expect:

  • University personnel will clean and disinfect public common areas multiple times a day using appropriate guidelines and products.

  • Housing assignments will be made using a system which adheres to social distancing and health-related risk reduction guidelines, while attempting to meet the needs of students who have applied for housing. No triples will be permitted in University housing.

  • Residential Learning and University Housing staff members will participate in specialized training sessions to enhance their ability to identify and address health-related concerns in residence halls.

  • Students with known or suspected exposure to COVID-19 will be required to participate in University isolation protocols. This may include relocation to isolation housing, returning home for a designated period of time, alternative methods for food access and/or delivery, participation in tracing protocol, limited access to University facilities, and/or transitioning to alternative course delivery methods. The University has set aside Triad Hall, a 218-bed residence hall, for the relocation of students who need to be isolated and cannot return to their primary residence.

  • University personnel will continue to offer educational and social development opportunities using appropriate social distancing techniques and/or technology-based methods.

  • Common areas of buildings will be open or closed based upon current guidelines. All expectations will be posted throughout buildings and online.

  • Students will not be permitted to have guests in their rooms who do not live in their residence hall. The only exception will be family members who come to campus for specific circumstances, such as Move-In. Student lounges and common areas in residence halls will be monitored for compliance with social distancing guidelines and regulations.

Student Events on Campus
To the fullest extent possible, the Division of Student Life will provide involvement opportunities, such as Rowan After Hours, for enrolled students in a face-to-face, fully remote or hybrid manner.

Staff members will develop and enforce attendance limits for in-person events using current guidelines, policies, procedures and protocols.

Using ProfLink, Student Life staff have a robust mechanism to implement RSVP and tracking procedures. If in-person events are not possible, staff members will live-stream events.

Staff members have been trained to maintain standard cleaning practices to limit health-related risks as much as possible. Those staff members clean designated areas multiple times daily, with special attention given to high-traffic areas. Disinfecting wipes and hand-sanitizing stations are available throughout event spaces.

Student Organizations
Student clubs and organizations provide essential peer-to-peer interactions, associations, and leadership development for students. Staff members will assist these organizations with implementing virtual meetings and activities.

As conditions and guidelines allow, opportunities for in-person meetings will be made available to student clubs and organizations while using appropriate social distancing guidelines as necessary.

Sport Clubs will follow guidance used by Athletics as it is developed and implemented by University personnel.

Campus Recreation
Physical well-being is important, too. As conditions allow, opportunities for in-person recreational activities will be made available to students. Staff will implement appropriate cleaning and disinfecting protocol, including:

  • Scheduled cleaning and disinfecting of equipment throughout each day

  • The availability and posted policies on the use of individual cleaning and disinfecting materials (such as wipes).

  • In addition to cleaning by staff members, all users of available fitness equipment are required to clean their equipment pre- and post-workout.

The Fitness Center on Victoria Street reopened on October 5, 2020. Access is available for all students and Rowan employees who had active memberships in the spring. Protocols have been updated to ensure that our community stays as safe as possible. Please visit the Campus Recreation website for information on what to expect and how to reserve workout times. 

The Recreation Center will remain closed, however the Recreation Pool is tentatively scheduled to reopen on October 19, 2020. More information will be forthcoming on the Campus Recreation website.

Both facilities will open with limited hours​ and capacity in order to comply with the state's executive order.  Limited in-person outdoor and virtual programming will continue to be offered and can be viewed on Proflink.

Please visit the Campus Recreation website for information on virtual and other programming options.