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Rowan University Travel

Rowan University Travel

Given the uncertainty about when travel will again be safe and when countries will begin lifting current travel restrictions, we share the following guidance for all populations affiliated with Rowan University including undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff. This guidance is in place until further notice but please be advised that guidance is changing rapidly as conditions change throughout the country and internationally. 

Rowan University has taken the following steps regarding university-related travel:

  • All Rowan-led study abroad programs are suspended for the summer.
  • All Rowan-led international spring break programs were canceled.
  • All students in third-party study abroad programs were strongly encouraged to return.
  • All Rowan-sponsored international travel is suspended.
  • Any member of our community returning from international travel is required to self-isolate in accordance with CDC guidance before returning to campus.
  • All international travel must be reported to Rowan through the Student Wellness Center.

Rowan-sponsored Domestic Travel Guidance
COVID-19 is rapidly spreading throughout the United States and we do not have systematic advice from government authorities about the safety of domestic travel.  We therefore maintain a strong recommendation against non-essential Rowan-sponsored domestic travel.

We urge those who engage in such travel to exercise caution and good judgement.  Travelers should heed the advice of authorities in the states they are departing from and to which they are traveling.  For further advice, please consult the CDC’s advice for domestic travel.

Many states have a “shelter in place” order so we expect domestic travel in the near-term to be limited.  In addition, several states now require quarantines for those arriving from cities and states affected by large-scale outbreaks.  We encourage those considering domestic travel to develop medical and logistical contingency plans in case restrictions change, including in the state to which they plan to return.

If your domestic Rowan-related travel is essential, you must consult with your immediate supervisor regarding the appropriateness of the travel and to determine if any alternatives to travel might be effective. Essential travel will require approval of the Provost or your divisional Senior Vice President.

All of the travel recommendations listed above apply to university business including, but not limited to, teaching, study abroad, conferences, presentations, internships, research, recruiting, and athletic competitions.

Governor’s Directive on Travel – The March 5, 2020, directive issued by Acting New Jersey Governor Sheila Oliver regarding domestic and international travel by state employees does not bind Rowan employees.

Health Care Faculty, Staff, and Students Guidance
Those faculty, staff, and students who interact directly with patients, in the Rowan medical schools, are directed to:

  • Cease all domestic business-related travel, including travel to Philadelphia and New York, for any and all Rowan sponsored activities; however, this ban does not prohibit travel needed to provide patient care.
  • These travel limits are in addition to the university’s limitations on international travel and the domestic guidance above applicable to Rowan employees and Rowan’s community.
  • Not attend meetings on or off campus with more than 15 people.
  • Cancel in-person group meetings that are not related to patient care.

Study Abroad
All Rowan-led study abroad programs have been canceled for summer 2020. Study abroad and Student Exchange Programs for fall 2020 have also been cancelled. Students may defer their programs to Spring 2021. If you have questions, you may contact the Rowan University International Center.  

Students in partner university or other third-party programs are urged to consider delaying participation in those programs. While we strongly recommend against your participation in these programs and recommend that you consult information available from the CDC and the Department of State prior to making any financial commitments, please know that the final decision on participation in those programs is up to the affected students and their families.

Personal Travel
We continue to strongly urge against international and domestic personal travel (vacations, visiting friends/family) given the uncertainty of travel and the possibility of flight cancellations, travel restrictions, and self isolation periods. However, personal travel is not prohibited. 

If you choose to engage in international personal travel, you should enroll in the DOS Smart Traveler’s Enrollment Program (STEP) (or similar programs offered by other governments for their citizens/nationals), purchase travel insurance (note that most policies do not cover COVID-19 related evacuation or repatriation), and closely monitor local travel advisories. Please notify Rowan at of your international personal travel plans and please observe any periods of self-isolation imposed by the State or local health department. 

Employee Financial Considerations for Travel Cancellations
All Rowan-sponsored international travel is suspended and domestic travel is not recommended until further notice. If you book any Rowan-sponsored travel in violation of this guidance or without approval as outlined above, you will not be reimbursed for any travel related expenses.