Vaccination Rates

  • RowanSOM doctor administering a COVID-19 vaccine to a patient.

Vaccination Rates

Vaccination Rates (updated Sept. 17)

We know the first line of protection against COVID-19 is vaccination. While our vaccination rates for students are promising, some students still have not submitted either proof of vaccination or a declination form for a religious or medical exemption. Please note, now that the FDA has granted full approval to Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine for those age 16 and older, students must have a valid religious or medical reason to receive exemption from the vaccine. Students seeking exemption on religious or medical grounds must submit a formal declination form.


  Vaccinations Exemption Requested No Response Total
Students taking in-person classes








Residential students








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Estimated enrollment: 18,400

About Student Data: The percentages represent students who have reported their vaccination status or requested an exemption (submitted a declination form). The University continues to collect data daily and has strict protocols in place to ensure compliance, including the possibility of removal from the University. Please note, there will be a number of students who have registered but who will not attend in the fall (as is the case every year). The enrollment figure will fluctuate over the coming weeks.


Adjuncts 69%
AFT 91%
CWA 83%
Police Unions 68%
Management 95%
Total - Regular Employees 86%
Total - With Adjuncts (PT Faculty) 81%

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About Employee Data: The state has not mandated higher education employees to vaccinate. Reporting of one's status is voluntary. Employees who have not submitted proof of vaccination are assumed to be unvaccinated and will be required to comply with weekly testing protocols and mask mandates. Adjuncts and part-time employees are not listed becuase many do not have assignments and/or may work fully remotely.