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Thank You

Thank you to the 2,332 donors who helped make RowanGIVES Day 2018 a success! Your generosity will benefit students, programs and projects across Rowan’s campuses.

Thank you to all of the supporters and participants in this year’s RowanGIVES Day. With your help we made history.

2018 Challenges

Thank you to all of our challenge donors who helped make RowanGIVES Day 2018 a success! If you are interested in offering a challenge for next year’s RowanGIVES Day, please and we will be in touch with you to discuss this opportunity.


<strong>Join Shaun T<br> Challenge</strong>

Challenge 1

Join Shaun T

Are you feeling lucky?


Dollars: $ Donors:

Total Donor count: 2,332 (exceeded goal by 1,082)

We exceeded our goal of 1,250 donors and ONE lucky donor was selected to allocate where $1,000 of Shaun-T’s challenge money would go:

Congratulations to Cristin Kastner Farney ’02 who has selected the Tedd Importico Memorial Scholarship as the recipient of $1,000 in challenge money.

Thank you, Shaun T ’01, for making this challenge possible.

<strong> The Rowan Community Challenge</strong>

Challenge 2

The Rowan Community Challenge

Help the top SIX supported areas win $2,500 each!

Members of the Rowan University Foundation Board challenged the Rowan Community to determine the top donor supported areas. Below is a breakdown of the top six areas that have won $2,500. each in challenge money:

  • Field Hockey
  • Men's Soccer
  • Swimming and Dive
  • Women's Softball
  • Women's Basketball
  • Social Justice, Diversity and Inclusion Fund

Thank you to the following Rowan Community members who helped make this challenge possible:

  • Jack Hafner ’93
  • Reginald J. Middleton
  • Tony Galvin ‘89

<strong>Dr. Viner Scholarship Challenge</strong>

Challenge 3

Dr. Viner Scholarship Challenge

50 Donors to CMSRU unlocks $5,000


Dollars: $ Donors:

25 donors participated in the Dr. Viner Scholarship Challenge. Although the challenge was not unlocked, Dr. Viner is still making a gift of $5,000 to the CMSRU Scholarship Fund.

Thank you, Dr. Viner, for your continued support of Cooper Medical School of Rowan University and for making this challenge possible.

<strong>RowanSOM Leadership Scholarship Challenge</strong>

Challenge 4

RowanSOM Leadership Scholarship Challenge

100 Donors to RowanSOM Annual Fund unlocks $4,750


Dollars: $ Donors:

Congratulations RowanSOM! 105 donors participated on RowanGIVES Day, unlocking $4,500 to the RowanSOM Annual Fund!

A special thank you to the RowanSOM Leadership donors who helped make this challenge possible:

  • Dean Thomas Cavalieri
  • Dr. Carl Hock
  • Dr. Vincent DeRisio
  • Dr. Ronald Ayres
  • Dr. Millicent Channell
  • Dr. Anita Chopra
  • Dr. Danielle Cooley (D.O. ’07)
  • Dr. Joshua Coren
  • Dr. Martin Finkel
  • Dr. Jacqueline Kaari (D.O. ’98)
  • Dr. Frank Levin
  • Dr. Thomas Morley
  • Dr. George Scott (D.O. ’97)
  • Dr. Barry Waterhouse
  • Ms. Paula Watkins
  • Dr. Richard Jermyn

<strong>The Bo Niland ’80 <br>Athletics Challenge</strong>

Challenge 5

The Bo Niland ’80
Athletics Challenge

Are you ready to rumbleeeee?

In true competitive fashion, 14 athletic funds competed against one another for the title of “top-donor supported fund.” Only one winner could take home $2,500 in challenge money and that winner is:

  • Women's Soccer

Thank you Bo Niland ’80 for making this athletics challenge possible.


Challenge 6


250 uses of the hashtag unlocks $1,000



You rose to the occasion and more than 362 uses of the #RowanGIVES helped unlock $1,000 to the Student Emergency Fund.

Thank you, Erica Ortiz ’99, M ’04, for making this challenge possible.

<strong>Alumni Board Student Challenge</strong>

Challenge 7

Alumni Board Student Challenge

200 student donors unlocks $2,500 to scholarships.


Dollars: $ Donors:

You rose to the occasion and 459 students made a gift on RowanGIVES Day. The most in University history!

Special thanks to the donors of the Rowan University Alumni Board of Directors who made this challenge possible:

  • Joseph Akinsas ’70, M’73
  • Christine Buteas ’04
  • Brighid Hoempler ’12
  • Rhonda Holland ’72
  • Lou Joyce ’72, M’77
  • Gina Lemanowicz Pusloski ’03
  • Bryan Nese ’04
  • Suzanne Smalley-Beers ’02

<strong>Venmo Challenge</strong>

Challenge 8

Venmo Challenge

Giving Made Easy.


Dollars: $ Donors:

Participate in our Venmo Challenge! Search for The Rowan University Foundation through the Venmo app. Include your class year and/or constituency type (alumni, faculty, staff, student, friend or parent) in the comments. 100 gifts of any amount through Venmo will unlock $1,000 to The SHOP (The Rowan University food pantry). 200 gifts of any amount through Venmo will unlock an additional $1,000 to The Wellness Center. All gifts made using Venmo will go to The Rowan Fund, the area of greatest need across Rowan’s three campuses.

Special thanks to the Sr. Vice President for University Advancement and Executive Director of the Rowan University Foundation, John Zabinski, for making the Venmo Challenge possible.


We are truly thankful to all of our RowanGIVES Day Supporters. The University is what it is today because of your generosity.

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