The PreMatric Program


The PreMatriculation Program is an educational program especially designed to facilitate the academic, social, and environmental adjustment of incoming SOM students. It addresses the needs of students who may benefit from an intensive introduction to the medical curriculum. Specifically, it provides the following opportunities:

  • An introduction to the most important aspects of the first-year curricula
  • Direct interaction with administration, faculty, upper-class students, and peers
  • Learning skills, and medical terminology
  • Familiarization with the SOM campus and surrounding area

The Curriculum

The PreMatriculation curriculum challenges both the individual and the group. It covers the major concepts in Biochemistry, Physiology, and Histology. It familiarizes students with medical terminology and also some metacognitive aspects, such as study/learning skills, test-taking strategies, etc. All courses incorporate quizzes and/or tests, to evaluate student progress. Students are required to attend all classes and take all quizzes/tests associated with the courses.

The Calendar

The program is five weeks in length. It begins the last full week of June and continues until the second to last week of July. The daily schedule is between five and seven hours long.

The Cost

The program is free of charge in terms of tuition. However, living expenses are the responsibility of the student.

Eligibility Requirements / Admissions Procedure

All students who have been offered admission to RowanSOM are invited to attend.   However, enrollment is oriented toward non-traditional students, students with a limited science background, students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and historically under-represented students in medicine.   As part of the school's admissions procedure, the Center staff review all in-coming students' files and recommends students for enrollment in the program; all recommendations are made in the best interests of the students, with the intention to provide a rich and rewarding stepping-stone into the medical curriculum. Please contact our office for details of how to sign up for the program.

Student Representatives

Please contact our office for a list of previous participants that are available to answer your questions.



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