COCA Self Study Steering Committee

Linda Boyd, DO, Chair

Thomas A. Cavalieri, DO Dean
Michael Rieker, Interim Chair Mission, Goals and Planning
Vince DeRisio, DO Governance, Administration and Finance
Janice Skica, MS Facilities, Equipment and Resources
Alan Shienbaum, DO Faculty
Kathryn Lambert, DO Students
Millicent King Channell, DO
Carl Hock, PhD Research and Scholarly Activities
Joanne Kaiser-Smith, DO Graduate Medical Education Outcomes
Jacqueline Giacobbe, MS.Ed, MA Director, Academic Affairs

Charge to Standard Committees:

  1. Review the pertinent COCA standard

  2. Determine how SOM does or does not meet each standard

  3. Make recommendations for corrective action where standards are not met

  4. Write a report of up to 10 pages.

Standard Committee Members

Standard 1: Mission, GoalS and Planning

  • Michael Rieker, Interim Chair
  • Pamela Bashore, Ed.D
  • John Bertagnolli, DO
  • Salvatore Caradonna, PhD
  • Bernd Spur, PhD

Standard 2: Governance, Administration and Finance

  • Vince DeRisio, DO, Chair
  • Michael Rieker
  • George Scott, DO, DPM

Standard 3: Facilities, equipment and resources

  • Janice Skica, Chair
  • Andrew Wagner
  • Patrick Chadd, Ed.D.
  • Rocco Carsia, PhD
  • Donald Noll, DO
  • Sima Bennett, MPH, RD
  • Brian Sunwoo, OMS-II

Standard 4: Faculty

  • Alan Shienbaum, DO, Chair
  • Roz Vinson
  • Christine Beswick
  • Robert Hudrick, DO
  • Robert Nagele, PhD
  • Ronald Ellis, PhD
  • Deanna Janora, MD
  • Jacqueline Giacobbe, MS.Ed, MA
  • Elizabeth Cronin, MA

Standard 5: Students

  • Kathryn Lambert, DO, Chair
  • Martin Forsberg, MD
  • Dean Micciche, MA
  • Barry Waterhouse, PhD
  • Paula Watkins, MAS
  • Jacqueline Giacobbe, MS.Ed, MA
  • Christine Willse, MBA
  • Sue Muller-Weeks, PhD
  • Regina Wilmes, M.Ed.
  • William Spinosi, OMS-III
  • Tammer Raouf, OMS-II

Standard 6: Curriculum

  • Millicent King Channell, DO, Chair
  • Pamela Basehore, Ed.D
  • Jacqueline Kaari, DO
  • Danielle Cooley, DO
  • Jennifer Caudle, DO
  • Jennifer Fischer, PhD
  • James White, PhD
  • Jacqueline Giacobbe, MS.Ed, MA
  • Jared Jones, OMS-II
  • Tara Beck, OMS-II

Standard 7: Research and scholarly activities

  • Carl Hock, PhD, Chair
  • Donald Noll, DO
  • Eric Moss, PhD
  • Paola Leone, PhD
  • Esther Deblinger, PhD
  • Janice Ciesielski

Standard 8: Graduate Medical Education outcomes

  • Joanne Kaiser-Smith, DO, Chair
  • Frank Levin, DO
  • Terry Brown, MA
  • Chuck Tucker, MA
  • Linda Boyd, DO
  • Lisa Cardello, MA

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