Program Evaluation & Student Assessment (PESA)

The Program Evaluation and Student Assessment (PESA) Committee is a standing committee of the Rowan-SOM Curriculum Committee. PESA supports the implementation of curriculum and student assessment, one of the four specific elements of the Outcomes Assessment Plan. PESA provides monthly reports to the Curriculum Committee and works in collaboration with the Dean of Assessment and the Office of Academic and Student Affairs to guide and monitor the assessment of program effectiveness. As a working committee, PESA contributes signficantly to the assessment efforts and processess addressed at Rowan SOM, as outlined here. In addition to comprehensive course and clerkship reviews, PESA is a driving force behind multiple assessment-related initiatives; the committee also provides an in-depth and multidimensional review of curriculum and student assessment, via reports such as the Annual Faculty Feedback Report and the AACOM Curriculum Report.

PESA Review Process 2014

The review process requires primary reviewers to closely evaluate learning outcomes and student competence, and present findings to the committee for discussion. Subsequent reports are provided to course directors and chairs; 360 evaluation meetings with PESA, course and clerkship leaders and the Dean of Assessment provide a continuous quality improvement process for learning and instruction in undergraduate medical education.


Chair and Co-Chair

Jennifer Fischer, PhD, Chair
Associate Professor
Department of Molecular Biology

Kevin Overbeck, DO, Co-Chair
Associate Professor
New Jersey Institute for Successful Aging


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Assistant Professor
Neuromusculoskeletal Institute
Associate Dean
Assessment & Evaluation
Clinical Education &
Assessment Center
Boyd, Linda, DO
(Ex officio)
Senior Associate Dean
Academic Affairs
Assistant Dean
Chery, Magdala K., DO Assistant Professor Internal Medicine
Academic Applications Administrator
Academic Technology
Assistant Professor
Molecular Biology
Director PBL, Associate Professor,
EM Residency Core Faculty
Academic Affairs / Emergency Medicine
Temme-Soifer, Bridget Administrative Analyst II Assessment & Evaluation
Assessment Specialist
Assessment & Evaluation

Staff to the Committee

One Medical Center Drive
Stratford, New Jersey 08084-1501
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